When it comes to protecting your products, packaging inserts play a critical part in ensuring they reach your clients in perfect condition. By serving as protectors, these inserts stop damage from occurring during handling and transit. At TCB, we recognise the value of providing customers with a first-rate experience in addition to products. Our carefully crafted package inserts protect and elevate brands at the same time.

Well-designed packaging inserts convey your brand’s dedication to excellence in addition to their practicality. These inserts, which may include anything from personalised thank-you notes to comprehensive product care instructions, strike a chord with consumers and encourage loyalty and trust. Using packaging inserts to enhance the unboxing experience and make a lasting impression is just as important as preserving your products.

Acquiring branded packaging inserts shows that you care about your customers’ needs. Your brand identity can be subtly integrated into the packaging to further demonstrate your dedication to providing a comprehensive and coherent brand experience. Make each unboxing experience one that deepens the relationship that exists between your brand and its clients.

What Are Packaging Inserts?

Packaging inserts are supplementary materials or elements that are included in the packaging of a product. These shipping box inserts can be utilised for a number of purposes, such as educating consumers about the goods, providing promotional materials such as samples or coupons, or simply enhancing the unboxing experience altogether. Packing inserts might comprise informational booklets, user manuals, warranty cards, product samples, product catalogues, discount cards, and other products. They are placed within the packaging with care to maximise customer advantage and convey important messaging about the brand or product.

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Packaging inserts are designed to provide a pleasant brand experience, encourage repeat business, educate customers about the brand or product, and engage them. They give businesses the ability to interact immediately and leave a lasting impact on customers.

Different Types of Packaging Inserts

The importance of inserts in product packaging cannot be emphasised. These modest, sometimes disregarded extras are essential to the presentation and protection of your goods. Let’s explore seven distinct sorts of box inserts that meet different demands as we delve into the vast world of packaging inserts.

Cardboard Inserts

Cardboard box inserts give items exceptional stiffness and stability. They are frequently utilised for goods that need more security while in transit and a sturdy foundation. Because of its adaptability, cardboard may be used for a variety of items.

Corrugated Inserts

Suitable for heavier objects, corrugated inserts provide increased strength and longevity. They are ideal for fragile goods because of their shock-absorbing and cushioning corrugated construction. These inserts are excellent at guarding against damage while in transit.

Kraft Inserts:

Kraft inserts are an environmentally friendly option made from recyclable materials. They offer sufficient protection without sacrificing environmental responsibility by fusing sustainability and functionality. They are therefore a well-liked option for companies who prioritise using eco-friendly packaging.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts come into play when fragile goods require special attention. They take on the contour of the product, fitting it snugly and providing excellent impact resistance. Glassware, electronics, and other delicate objects are frequently fitted with foam inserts.

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Blister Inserts

Retail packaging frequently uses blister inserts. They have a plastic chamber that firmly retains the item, allowing for visibility without allowing it to move. This kind of insert works especially well for little things like electronics, cosmetics, and medications.

Punch Inserts

Products with particular shapes or curves are intended to use punch inserts. The object is firmly held in place by the precisely cut holes, which also ensure a clean appearance by preventing movement. Gift sets and promotional boxes frequently include this kind of insert.

Fence Inserts

Fence inserts are distinguished by their divided layout, which forms separate sections inside the container. This kind is helpful for dividing and arranging several goods inside of a single box. Fence inserts are widely used in the food and cosmetics sectors.


In conclusion, using strategic packaging inserts to optimise your product’s appearance is a game-changer. Make use of our high-quality packaging inserts in the UK to enhance customer satisfaction and brand recognition. You can count on TCB to completely rethink your packaging approach, from highlighting crucial details to enhancing product security.