Food Boxes

Enhance Your Brand with Food Boxes and Superior Packaging Solutions

Giving unique brand experiences, our custom food boxes include a strong food board covering that stops oil spills and possible collapses. Whether your business offers delivery or takeaway, our carefully crafted boxes give it a unique personality.

Explore our selection of resilient, stylish, and long-lasting takeaway food boxes. Have you had enough of people complaining about sloppy pizza toppings? By resolving these problems, TCB guarantees that your packaging enhances the dining experience rather than diminishes it.

Prioritize material quality when selecting food boxes and customize them to align with your preferences. Add coatings and extra features to elevate your food packaging’s visual appeal.

We serve a wide range of sectors with our food boxes, including cereal boxes, drinks, popcorn, nuggets, and baking. Explore our selection of unique food packaging options below or get in touch with us directly to find the ideal solution for your product.

Material Selection for Food Boxes 

The selection of material becomes crucial for packaging that not only maintains but also enhances the flavor of food. Our food packaging boxes are evidence of our dedication to TCB’s belief that form and function should go hand in hand. Let’s explore the wide range of materials that can be used to create the ideal serving dish for your culinary treats.


A great option for TCB’s food boxes, cardboard is both adaptable and environmentally beneficial. Its structural integrity is provided by its rigidity, which guarantees that your delicacies arrive undamaged. Additionally, the smooth surface provides a perfect canvas for colorful branding, making your delivery look as delicious as its contents..


Kraft material is the union of nature and packaging. Kraft food cartons are made from wood pulp, which makes them both durable and biodegradable. Accept sustainability without sacrificing strength—these boxes can easily hold the weight of your culinary creations and leave as little of an environmental impact as possible.


Corrugated food boxes are the solution for things that require additional protection. Delicate treats are protected throughout transit by the additional cushion provided by the multilayer design. TCB’s corrugated boxes guarantee that every bite of pastries or gourmet treats is as delicious as intended.

Different Food Box Types

There are many different kinds of food boxes, and each one emphasizes additional details. We also provide the food box at affordable costs. We consider every specification required to meet packaging requirements. We provide a variety of food boxes, including the following:

Snack Boxes

Snack boxes are available in a variety of bespoke sizes and forms, and they can be printed to match the goodies that are placed inside of them. Snack boxes come in a variety of sizes and forms, from fries boxes to frozen nugget boxes. Snack boxes need to be packaged well to prevent moisture from getting inside.

Chocolate Boxes

The target audience would find your exquisite chocolate assortment more likable if it came in an appealing custom chocolate box. As a result, creating a sophisticated chocolate box requires expertise, which our business is completely capable of offering.

Dog Food Box

Dog food boxes are specially designed to cater to the dietary requirements of our four-legged companions, guaranteeing that your dog will have a healthy, well-balanced diet. With so many high-quality ingredients, it’s sure to make tails waggle.

Party Food Boxes

Elevate your gatherings with our freshly crafted party food boxes. These boxes are a hassle-free way to offer delectable treats, from appetizers to sweets, giving you more time to enjoy the celebration. Unwrap the delight of trouble-free event preparation!

Burger Boxes

The freshness and texture of the burger are preserved and presented in the custom burger boxes. With the greatest burger packaging designs and concepts, we provide the highest caliber custom burger packaging. You can complete the design of the burger packaging based on the dimensions and size of the box.

Fries Boxes

For hot chips and other snack-sized snacks, personalised fries boxes are ideal. Take advantage of our printed chip cup packaging, which is food board laminated and helps keep the oil from draining, which could cause the chip cup to collapse. Use our kraft food boxes to present your fries in an appealing manner.

Finishing Add-ONS for Food Boxes

Making a lasting impression is more important in packaging than simply encasing your gastronomic pleasures. With these chic finishing touches, you can take your food packaging boxes to a whole new level. They add a memorable unboxing experience in addition to improving appearance.


Precisely crafted perforations provide a practical touch. Perforations give your food boxes a functional and fashionable edge, whether they’re for effortless tearing or to create a special opening mechanism.

Spot UV

Spot UV may help the main components of your food box design stand out. This glossy coating makes your packaging stand out visually by highlighting particular details and adding shine.


Die-cutting gives you the ability to design unique windows and forms for your food boxes. This adds visual appeal and gives an indication of what’s inside, which is excellent.


To achieve a clean, transparent look, use PVC sheeting. Display your culinary talents while making sure you’re protected from the weather. It is the ideal balance of security and visibility.


Use embossing to give your food boxes a tactile aspect. Enhance lettering, patterns, and logos to give your packaging an opulent, sophisticated look that buyers won’t be able to resist.


Use debossing to make a subtle yet powerful effect. It gives your food boxes more dimension and texture, transforming them from simple containers into a sensual experience.

Why Us:

Choosing TCB for food boxes ensures quality, dependability, and environmental friendliness. TCB prioritises food safety by using long-lasting, environmentally friendly materials that keep your food fresh. Their boxes are not merely containers, but also a reflection of your brand’s commitment to excellence, making TCB the top choice for packaging solutions.


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