Square Boxes

Give Your Square Boxes A Sophisticated Appearance

Square gift boxes are created by the skilled box manufacturer TCB Boxes. In order to meet the needs of each and every customer, we provide personalised foldable square packaging boxes that are distinctive. Choosing custom rigid square boxes allows you to differentiate your product from competitors with a wide range of color options. We help you expand the audience for your products by enabling you to add eye-catching square designs to personalised square boxes. By drawing attention to its distinctive square design, our custom portable square box aims to increase sales of your product and generate profit for your business.

Material Options for Making Square Boxes 

Check out our square storage boxes in a range of materials to meet your needs for packaging:


Our robust cardboard square boxes offer dependable packaging options. These boxes are strong and provide protection for your belongings, making them perfect for storage and shipping.


Use our Kraft square boxes as an eco-friendly packaging solution. These boxes minimize their environmental impact while maintaining strength and functionality thanks to their construction from recyclable materials.


Take a look at our rigid square boxes for elegant and high-end packaging. These robust and durable containers are ideal for premium goods, guaranteeing an elegant display.


Our corrugated square boxes are ideal when extra strength is required. These boxes, made for heavy-duty uses, offer remarkable resistance and durability, protecting your items in transit.

Types of Square Boxes

Explore our extensive selection of Square Boxes, designed to satisfy a variety of packaging requirements:

Regular Square Boxes

Traditionally used for general packaging, these boxes combine practicality and simplicity. They offer a tidy and consistent appearance and are perfect for a variety of objects.

Windowed Square Boxes

Square boxes with windows that let you showcase your goods while keeping them safe. Square boxes with windows provide a little visibility and let customers see a preview of what’s inside.

Gift Square Boxes

Our specially designed gift square boxes will elevate your gifting experience. They enhance the charm of your gifts and come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Customizable Square Boxes

Make the ideal packaging. You can personalise our square boxes with branding, logos, or special messages to make them distinctive for your company.

Add to Your Square Box Experience with Textures

Textured Patterns

With our Textured Patterns square boxes, you can lose yourself in a universe of beautiful patterns and alluring textures. Every box adds depth and personality to your packaging by using its tactile surface to tell a different story. These boxes elevate the art of gifting, whether they feature geometric marvels or embossed swirls.

Smooth Texture

Our Smooth Texture square boxes are the pinnacle of elegance and simplicity for a sleek and contemporary appearance. These boxes have a velvety touch that adds to their visual appeal and offers a delightful tactile experience. Embrace the seamless charm of smooth textures to up your packaging game.

Matte Texture

Our Matte Texture square boxes exude subtle elegance. With their understated finish and sophisticated charm, these boxes are ideal for any setting and any occasion. The matte texture gives your priceless gifts a luxurious packaging solution by adding a soft, velvety feel.

Glossy Texture

Our Glossy Texture square boxes will make a striking impression. The highly polished surface draws attention and gives your packaging a glamorous touch. Glossy textures add a lustrous appeal to your gifts and products, elevating their presentation.

Why us :

When you choose TCB for Square Boxes, you’ll get unmatched customization and craftsmanship. Our skillful box production guarantees that your square gift boxes will look great. We up your packaging game with custom foldable options and a variety of materials, including eco-friendly options. You can rely on TCB to provide premium, long-lasting, and adaptable square boxes that are customised to your specific requirements and make your products stand out and make an impression.

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