I Want To Amend The Style Of My Custom Box That I Have Ordered, Can I Do That?2020-03-06T15:37:47+00:00

In this scenario, there are certain conditions. Once you place your order and then if you want to modify the designs then tell us within 1-2days. After that, we will not be responsible for any kind of change. So, it is better to think before the placement of order.

Can I Give You My Own Artwork For The Designing Of Custom Box?2020-03-06T15:36:37+00:00

Yes, why not. You can send us the designs of your artwork in soft form, and we will sculpt it physically on your boxes. We customize your boxes in a way you want them. Therefore, you can be as creative as you can.

Do You Have Templates Or Samples Of Your Work/Boxes?2020-03-06T15:36:02+00:00

Yes, we have samples of all the boxes. You can select any box from them. In case if you want to modify the design, then let us know, and we will do the same as per your requirement.

How Will I Know When My Order Has Been Shipped?2020-03-06T15:35:44+00:00

When your order is shipped, our customer representatives will contact you shortly. He will give you all the information related to your product shipment. Moreover, he informs you that when your order will reach at your doorstep. So, no need to worry about this when we are here.

Why Do You Need Dimensions Of My Product?2020-03-06T15:34:32+00:00

We require dimensions of your exquisite product because we have to finalize the dimensions of the box. We know this very well that one size of packaging does not fit all the sizes. Therefore, right-sized boxes are necessary to fit your product properly inside it. That’s why it is necessary to communicate your desired box dimensions with our representatives to avoid any inconvenience while placing your order.

Do You Offer Box Styles That Are Not Listed On Your Website?2020-03-06T15:33:51+00:00

Well, you can get any style for your boxes. Just give us the templates of your own choice, and we will design them accordingly. You can have designs other than those which are listed on our website.

What Forms of Payment do You Accept?2020-03-06T15:32:11+00:00

We accept all form of online transactions from our customers. As the world is rapidly progressing so, we have to keep ourselves updated with all the advancements. You can pay with any channel. It’s all up to your choice and ease.

Will My Colours Match If I Reorder the Same Box Again?2020-03-06T15:31:19+00:00

In case if you want to order the same boxes, then you can get them by contacting the same customer representative who took your order earlier. He will ask you a few questions related to your previously ordered boxes, and then your problem is solved.

Do You Offer Graphic Design Services?2020-03-06T15:30:36+00:00

Absolutely, we provide our customers with various Graphic Design services. We give the best design ranges to our customers. You don’t need to worry about the designs. We offer 2D and 3D mockups to our clients when they place their orders with us.

Do You Offer Custom Box Style?2020-03-06T15:29:55+00:00

Surely, we deal in all types of custom styles for our clients. There are a number of options on our website. You can select any of the design, and we will make it. You can get all the styles from the tuck end series as well.

Can I Have Printing on the Inside And Outside of the Box?2020-03-06T15:28:56+00:00

Sure! You can have printing on the inside and outside of the box. We customize your boxes according to your choice. All you have to do is just share your ideas and thoughts with us, and we will convert them into reality. Your desired boxes will be the same as you want them to be.

Are There Any Hidden Fees? What About Die And Plate Costs?2020-03-06T15:28:17+00:00

Of course not! We genuinely care for our customers. We try to accommodate them all in the best possible manner. Therefore, don’t worry about any kind of hidden charges.

Do You Ship to Countries Other Than the United Kingdom?2020-03-06T15:26:52+00:00

Yes! We ship to other countries too. You can place your orders with us from all around the globe. We will deliver your boxes at your doorsteps within the given time. So, place your orders freely.

When Will I Receive My Custom Box Order?2020-03-06T15:24:15+00:00

Our delivery services are faster from all of our competitors. We work hard and try to deliver your orders as soon as possible. You can get your boxes with the quickest turnaround time of 6-8 working days. Furthermore, our delivery services are free all over the UK.

Does The Cosmetic Boxes Require a Minimum Order?2020-03-06T15:22:52+00:00

Yes! We are taking orders of minimum 100 units per design. You can order as much as you want, but our minimum order requirement is 100 pieces. In this way, you will be able to avail a lot of exciting deals and discounts from us.


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