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Eye-catching Eyelash Packaging Designs to Make Your Products Shine

When it comes to presenting your eyelash products in the most alluring light, nothing quite beats the allure of eye-catching packaging designs. At TCB, we value making a lasting impression, so that’s why we chose the packing options that we did

We provide a wide range of eyelash packaging options that blend style and utility to make your items stand out on the shelf and make an impression on your clients. Whether you choose complex and opulent designs or elegant and simple ones, we offer the ideal packaging to match your company identity.

From an original cardboard box to a velvet case that lets your customers know you care for their items, we take care of every detail in designing the packaging that suits your brand. We are quality-focused in our packaging and on top of making the magnetic eyelash cases look stylish, it is also guaranteed to maintain the stability and protection of your cosmetic merchandise.

Durable Eyelash Boxes Protect and Secure Your Eyelash

We appreciate that the package is one of the components that ensure the quality of any eyelash product. Whether you’re packaging regular lash or creating a comprehensive eyelash extension starter kit box, our sturdy eyelash boxes will help you keep your products in good condition until your customers get hold of them.

Corrugated Cardboard

Our eyelash boxes have secured their place in the market for the strength and durability that they are known for. In addition to their high load-carrying efficiency and low density, these boxes guard your eyelash commodities against shock coupled with coarse handling, delivering them to their destination still in prime condition.

Rigid Paperboard

If you desire a more luxurious look and a higher-end feel, our rigid paperboard eyelash boxes are a good option for your business. These boxes stand out due to their sturdy construction and elegant finish while giving you all the necessary protection against the common elements.


The combination of lightness and durability in our cardboard eyelash boxes makes sure that they have functionality as well as aesthetics. From Many creative boxes with different eyelash package designs and finishes, you can get the ones that just match your amazing brand and by the very same line your eyelash products will be safely kept.

Styling and Designs for Eyelash Packaging

We presented styles and designs of eyelash collections for packages to meet your different needs. Our selection is available for you to find what’s best in order to play with your brand’s image.

Magnetic Lash Boxes

We create magnetic lash boxes that are both purposeful and attractive, providing the secure and fashionable carrying of your magnetic eyelashes. By designing these boxes with useful magnetic closures, your lashes are kept safely during storage and transport. And using this sophisticated branding, you are also adding class to your brand image.

Auto Lock Lashes Boxes

Eyelashes are one of the most preferred products among customers. Auto-lock lash boxes create an extraordinary packaging package for eyelashes. The fact that our systems include an automatic mechanism for locking the box makes the installation more efficient and they also provide a perfect amount of numbness for your lashes. Presenting your goods with such stylish and elegant packaging makes their display visually attractive and will provide you with a branded unpacking experience for your customers.

Printing Possibilities for Eyelash Packaging

We have the printing options you may require and that suit you the best. Whether you want astonishing colors, complex fashion details, or resolute prints, our printing services certainly make sure that your eyelash packaging is to die for on your customers.

Digital Printing

Our digital presses feature high-quality, full-colour printing with sharp clear images and dynamic colour. Digital printing is suitable for complex designs and short runs. It is quicker and more affordable for lash packaging for all your needs.

Offset Printing

For orders with high volume, offset printing yields dependable and consistent results. Offset printing is ideal for producing premium eyelash packaging with a polished appearance due to its adaptability and capacity to replicate fine details.

Thermal Transfer Printing

For your eyelash packaging, thermal transfer printing provides strong and long-lasting printing options. With this technique, ink is transferred onto the packaging material using heat, producing precise prints that hold up well to handling and storage.

Inkjet Printing

When it comes to designing eyelash packaging, inkjet printing gives you a lot of flexibility and variety. Make your packaging stand out with personalisation and customisation with inkjet printing, which can print on a variety of materials and surfaces.

Eyelash Packaging Add-Ons

If you employ add-ons to improve the appeal of your products, wholesale eyelashes, and custom packaging can be the ideal match. You can make eyelash packaging that is unique from anything your clients have ever seen by adding the following extras:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Hot Foiling
  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching


This method is ideal for giving your package a timeless, retro feel. The process of creating an embossed design requires applying pressure to the paper’s surface with a roller. As a result, lash product boxes start to produce a 3D pattern.


Another excellent technique for creating 3D designs on eyelash packaging boxes is this one. It uses deep impressions on the packaging to produce a pattern on the surface of your custom print. 

Hot Foiling

Adding highlights to your design is a terrific method to accomplish this. Your eyelash packaging boxes can be transformed with gorgeous metallic accents. 

Spot UV

This process enables consumers to create eye-catching unique prints with a raised and smooth finish. This method can also be used to draw attention to specific packing sections.

Window Patching

This method allows you to showcase their items while branding the package with marketing messages. When printing on premium paper, window patching works great for giving customers a clear glimpse of the goods within personalised boxes.

Order Your Custom Eyelash Packing Today!

TCB is a great believer in providing the finest possible quality to our consumers. When creating and producing bespoke eyelash packaging to boost your business, we keep this in mind. Our personalisation choices provide the perfect blend of elegant design and cutting-edge technology. We promise to provide stylish yet reasonably priced eyelash packaging, regardless of the kind of lash boxes you require. Contact our team right now to place your order for Eyelash Extension Boxes!


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