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Perfectly Wrapped, Custom Mylar Bags For Every Need

In the packaging industry, personalization and precision meet with our selection of Custom Mylar Bags. We at TCB have perfected the artwork of custom mylar bags that are made to your exact specifications because one period isn’t in the form at all.

More than just simple packaging, our Custom Mylar Bags make a statement about excellence, robustness, and attention to detail. Whether you work in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, or any other industry where excellent packaging is a priority, our custom solutions guarantee that your products are not only safe but also presented in a way that showcases your brand identity.

To create the ideal packaging for your products, select from a range of sizes, styles, and finishes. With our extensive customization options, you can make sure that your Custom Mylar Bags are as distinctive as your company by adding your logo, and branding elements, and even selecting particular features like resealable zippers or tear notches.

As we cater to the diverse needs of your industry, you will notice a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. Our Custom Mylar Bags are made to improve shelf appeal and preserve freshness, taking your packaging game to new heights.

Importance of Material for Custom Mylar Bags

The selection of material is crucial for protecting your products. At TCB, we provide a wide selection of mylar food storage bags that are expertly made to satisfy your specific packaging requirements.

PE (Polyethylene)

Our PE Mylar bags are proof of their strength and adaptability. The polyethylene material guarantees a strong barrier against light, moisture, and outside pollutants. These bags are an excellent option for a variety of industries as they are ideal for maintaining the freshness of your products.


Our Kraft Mylar bags are the pinnacle of sustainability for individuals looking for an environmentally friendly packaging option without sacrificing durability. These bags, which are made of natural fibers, not only provide superior product protection but also show your dedication to environmental responsibility.

Styles of Mylar Bag – Choosing The Right Bag

Making the right choice in Mylar bags is crucial for businesses looking to package their products effectively.  Mylar bags are available in a variety of styles to satisfy the demands of distinct product categories. The following list of popular mylar bag types has been compiled with the best applications in mind:

Flat mylar bags
Stand-up mylar bas
Child-proof mylar bags
Tamper-proof mylar bags
Vacuum-sealed mylar bags
Foil mylar bags

Flat Mylar Bags

When packing items with a consistent thickness, like documents, clothes, or food items intended for a single serving, these flat Mylar packaging bags without gussets or folds are a great option.

Stand-Up Mylar Bags

When packing loose or granular items like coffee beans, snacks, or pet treats, stand-up bags with an open bottom can stay upright on shelves or hang from hooks. Additionally, hang-up bags work incredibly well at keeping these loose items grouped and tidy while being packed.

Child-Proof Mylar Bags

When shipped via shipping services, bags made especially for packaging cannabis edibles or medications provide higher levels of security because of their childproof design.

Tamper-Proof Mylar Bags

These bags have an intruder-detectable sealing mechanism that, in the event that any attempt is made to open or alter the contents, produces visible evidence, thereby offering crucial proof. These cannabis mylar bags are essential for manufacturing food products, pharmaceuticals, and other goods that need to be authentic and safe for consumers.

Vaccum-sealed Mylar Bags 

These bags are specially designed to be vacuum sealed, eliminating trapped air and extending their storage life. Perfect for perishables with no chance of spoiling, like cheeses and meats.

Foil Mylar Bags

Foil-lined bags are a great option for items like food, medications, or electronic devices that require extra protection from light, moisture, and oxygen. They also offer additional protection against certain elements.

Printing Techniques for Custom Mylar Bags

We provide an array of sophisticated printing methods to enhance the appearance of your printed mylar bags and help you create aesthetically appealing and customized packaging for your products. Your packaging will stand out on the shelf and make an impression thanks to our dedication to quality and innovation.

Digital Printing

We use cutting-edge digital printing technology to precisely and vibrantly bring your designs to life. Short print runs, vibrant colours, and fine details are all ideal for this technique. Custom Mylar Bags with digital printing guarantee a polished, high-quality look that perfectly conveys the spirit of your company.

Offset Printing

Our offset printing produces reliable and reasonably priced results for larger production quantities. Using this method ensures that the images on your Mylar bags are crisp and detailed. Offset printing guarantees a polished and sophisticated look that improves the presentation of your product, regardless of whether you have intricate graphics or a minimalist design.

Screen Printing

We offer a flexible and long-lasting printing option for Custom Mylar Bags through screen printing. This method gives your packaging an additional layer of visual appeal and is perfect for designs that are bold and vibrant. With their tactile and upscale feel, screen-printed Mylar bags will make your product stick out in the hands of customers.

Flexography Printing 

Flexography is the solution when speed and efficiency are essential. Flexographic printing from TCB guarantees rapid production without sacrificing quality. Large print runs of Custom Mylar Bags are a good fit for this method, which produces dependable and consistent results every time.

Coating Techniques for Custom Mylar Bags

Applying our cutting-edge coating techniques to your custom Mylar bags will improve their appearance and usefulness. At TCB, we provide a selection of choices to meet your specific packaging requirements.

Matte Coating

With the help of our matte coating, create a refined, subdued appearance. It gives your Mylar bags a refined touch while also offering a non-reflective surface that makes for a presentation that is understated but powerful.

Gloss Coating

Our gloss coating is the best option if you want a vivid and striking appearance. It makes your packaging stand out on the shelves by adding a brilliant shine and enhancing the colors of your custom Mylar bags.

Varnish Coating

Our varnish coating adds a layer of protection to your Mylar bags. It makes packaging look more professional and increases durability, so your packaging will remain appealing for the duration of its useful life.

Soft-Touch Coating

The soft-touch coating enhances the tactile experience. It gives your Mylar bags a smooth, opulent feel that makes them incredibly tactile while preserving their toughness and resilience.

Die Cut

Use our die-cutting technique to create interesting shapes and designs. Customise your Mylar bags with windows, handles, or openings for unique packaging that goes above and beyond. Our exact die-cut mylar bags guarantee a perfect fit for your particular needs.

Why Us:

For custom mylar bags in the UK, going with TCB is an easy decision. They stand out for their dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. TCB’s mylar bags make a statement in addition to serving as containers. TCB guarantees the preservation and freshness of your products by emphasising customization and durability. Trust The Cosmetic Boxes for top-notch custom mylar bags UK-wide—because your packaging should be as unique as your brand.

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