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Perfume Packaging That Enhances Aroma Sensations

When it comes to preserving the enchantment of your favourite perfumes, nothing beats the creativity of perfume packaging. As experts in creating packaging solutions that go beyond simple protection to genuinely enhance the olfactory experience, we at TCB are aware of the delicate balance that must be struck between scent and presentation.

We take great care in the design of our perfume packaging to make sure that every component enhances the sensory experience. Our collection is made to enhance the aromatic pleasure of your perfumes, with everything from opulent materials that radiate elegance to creative designs that perfectly capture the spirit of your brand.

Additionally, we combine pleasure with virtue by offering you an appealing environment to do it in a sustainable way and without any guilt. We give primary importance to the coral environment-friendly materials and processes so that whenever perfume beauty packaging is considered, it would not only be related to the beautiful aroma experience but also to the value of your environment protection.

Materials of Choice for Perfume Packaging

At TCB, we know the packaging can increase your brand identity and the customer experience. Whether you have come up with a new perfume brand or are offering subscription boxes on a monthly basis, our experienced team is designated to see that your bespoke packaging mesmerises and appeals to your customers.


It is a perfect option for fragrance product packaging as it is not only multifunctional but also known for its quality and longevity. The material stands firm and is a suitable barrier between the delicate bottle and a rough environment encountered during transportation with enough space for the branding or any kind of design that the customer wants to add to the packaging.


For brands who are focusing on giving back to nature, kraft packaging is a good choice of eco-friendly material. Kraft, which is carved out from recycled coconut shells, has the double benefit stored in itself: it helps reduce the environmental footprint and also gives a rugged appeal to the product package.


When luxury shines, extreme packaging elevates the will to on-top luxury with luxurious style. Made from high-end materials, such as premium paperboard or wood, boxes are featured by their elitism, and thus, they are an ideal fragrance for upscale perfume collections.

Styles in Perfume Packaging

From a standard retail perfume box to a cuboid design resembling modernity or flower boxes for a touch of nature we have the expertise to turn your ideas into reality. Reflecting on our sense of quality and specialization by our greatest brand we ensure that every perfume gift box, fragrance subscription box, and scent box is a symbol of your brand’s outstanding and artistic standards.

Standard Perfume Box

Your perfume presentation can now rise to higher levels with our classical standard perfume boxes. These elegant and timeless designs give a little info about the brand and the perfume itself; their classy appearance emphasizes that there is the best work in making the perfumes. Find our classic perfume boxes in the retail storefronts or special events as they are created with almost perfection and careful attention to every detail.

Cuboid Fragrances Box

Apply the modern style to our Cuboid Fragrance Boxes. This is represented in the current arrangement of shapes and patterns that do not only correspond to traditional packaging structure but rather explore new notes- clean lines and geometric shapes. The cubic shape is not only for this product’s visual appeal but also space-efficient and an effective organizing product solution for your perfume storage.

Floral Perfume Boxes

Our Floral Perfume Boxes allow you to immerse your fragrances in the splendor of nature. These charming patterns feature floral elements, giving your package a dash of romance and sophistication. These boxes are a pleasant addition to any fragrance collection because they are ideal for encapsulating the essence of floral-scented scents.

Choose Perfume Box Colour Models

For your perfume boxes, you also need to pick the appropriate colour models. We provide the subsequent choices:

  • Pantone Matching System (PMS) Colour Model
  • CMYK Colour Model

(PMS) Colour Model

This colour model provides a large selection of colours, making it ideal for designing fashion-forward perfume packaging. It has more than a thousand colours, and each colour is represented by a number. What is meant by that? It implies that even while using several printers, you may reliably obtain the same colour. For spot hues, it works well.

CMYK Colour Model

The CMYK colour scheme is the best option if you want rich colours and vivid tones. The entire colour reproduction is provided by this colour model. It isn’t ideal for spot hues, but it does have a wide colour spectrum. To create the desired colour, it blends key (black), cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Coating Options for Perfume Packaging

We have different coatings available to enhance the depth and clarity of your scented packaging displays.

Matte Coating

Create the ultimate minimalist and discreet exterior with a matte finish. Create your own new sentence and save it here to upload for evaluation. This stunning, non-slip, and non-reflective finish exhibits extravagance and style making them an ideal fit for perfume gift boxes and companies that subscribe to the subscription boxes whose theme is minimalism.

Gloss Coating

An elegant matte finish calls for gloss coating whereas a high shine and polished look can be achieved by the same. Its reflective surface brings additional splendor and seduction to your perfume packaging hence creating a buzz whenever it stands on a commercial shelf or the shelves of promotion such as monthly printed perfume box.

Metallic Coating

Bring your brand image to the next level with the metallic coating which will provide the luxury feel of glossiness and shine to your perfume boxes. An unusual option that only applies to premium collections or special releases, the metallic coating connotes unrivalled extravagance and selectiveness.

Pearlescent Coating

Achieve the captivating iridescent effect on the energy bar’s package with the help of the pearlescent coating. The duality of this barely-there yet highly defined finish brings the packaging to life, stylizing your perfumers for your customers and making them truly something creative to remember.

Why Us:

If you believe in excellence, then choose TCB for unparalleled expertise, top-notch quality, and tailor-made service. We are here to help you achieve your goals and design perfume packaging that identifies your brand and surpasses the competition.


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