Candle Boxes

Our Packaging Company TCB UK offers you one-of-a-kind custom cardboard boxes intended to carry numerous candles in a box. These adorable candle boxes with inserts have more space and interesting features that enhance the appearance of candles, such as three sides that make a pyramid-style candle and one colourless side.

You can also have custom cuts made based on the design of your candle. By luring the candle boxes, we provide the best marketing materials for your candle items. We are working hard to increase market sales and demand.

Retail and wholesale prices are available for personalised printed candle boxes. These candle boxes can also be used as blessing boxes for fashion accessories and gifts. 

Custom candle boxes are available from TCB UK for a range of candle forms, including jar, pyramid, thin, circular, and a few others.

Our packaging professional designers thoroughly evaluate each product in order to provide you with appealing quality packaging that matches your demands and expectations.

Rigid custom boxes are made from high-quality cardboard and may be customised with logo printing services and a large selection of sizes, colours, patterns, and layouts. Our talented designers are constantly on the lookout for new concepts that would best suit your brand.

We provide excellent design aid as well as shipping services across the UK. These candle gift boxes with beautiful patterns are delivered to your door for free.

Candle Boxes Are The Ideal Brand Marketing Tool

In the home, candles are utilised as decorative accents. They are also used in aromatherapy and to honour significant occasions. Candle packaging boxes are essential to protect these candles from outside damage and maintain their quality.

What Are Custom Candle Boxes?

Just as popular as the candles themselves are the custom candle boxes. It’s one of the most widely used item packaging styles because of the rising demand for the products contained in these boxes. Regarding their makers, the same holds true. The market for these products has expanded significantly due to their global popularity. There are several kinds of candles for different annual occasions. Similarly, we find different styles of boxes and packing to preserve and promote them. Your candle lights will look better if you use some innovative packing techniques. 

Candle Packaging Boxes with Personalised Printing

You just can’t place too much value on a high-quality candle box. Keeping a consistent brand image is key to candle box printing, and we like to collaborate with you to create the candle packaging. Whether it’s applying foil stamping or embossing to give your candles an extra-luxurious appearance or making sure that our custom printing on boxes enhances rather than takes away from your design, we know how to take your vision and make it a reality. 

Digital Printing

Our cardboard candle boxes with digital printing are perfect for companies who want to upgrade the appearance of their packaging. They let you play around with the colours of your brand and add striking details to your packaging. With digital printing, you can customise your package like never before because it’s a quicker and more affordable printing option.

3D Logo Embossing

Adding dimension and beauty to your candle boxes with 3D logo embossing is a beautiful idea. Your wax melt boxes are better protected by 3D embossing because candles are delicate. In addition, the 3D embossed logo’s raised texture makes the product more aesthetically pleasing, which is crucial while competing in the market.

Hot Foil Stamping

A visually striking method of marking that gives an eye-catching gloss in the colour of your choice is hot foil stamping. During this printing process, we impart a shiny, mirror-like appearance to your premium candle boxes. Because of this, it is ideal for businesses that offer numbered candles or candles meant to be presented as gifts. It can also be applied to regular candles to enhance their look.

Styles of Custom Candle Boxes

From tiny votive boxes to enormous gift presentation boxes, we create all kinds of candle packing boxes. Our customizable candle boxes are made to your exact specifications, offering a genuinely exceptional service that no other business can match. To make sure we can build your perfect product, we have created thousands of different styles and shapes, from small square boxes to enormous rectangular ones.

Taper Candle Boxes

One of the earliest kinds of candles is the taper candle, which has been used for millennia in romantic and religious contexts. As their name implies, taper candles burn slowly and narrowly. Paraffin wax is the most widely utilised substance because it burns evenly and cleanly. We provide personalised taper candle boxes that may be customised to fit any budget, allowing you to offer your clients something very exceptional.

Window Candle Boxes

We have several extremely attractive window boxes built of the material of your choice. If your product is really desirable, there’s no need to conceal it in completely opaque packaging. Showcase the artwork you’ve made for your lovely candles by using our windowed candle boxes.

Your consumers may inspect the merchandise and see what they are buying thanks to our window boxes. A customer is more likely to choose your candle over one that is fully covered when they have this direct product-customer relationship.

Why Us:

TCB UK is a well-known brand in the packaging sector. To suit your demands, a wide variety of cheap candle boxes are available. These retail boxes are perfect for packing your whole product range, regardless of how long you’ve been in the company.


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