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Get Professional-Quality Candle Labels for Your Unique Creations

We recognize that presentation is something that matters strongly in your candle making. It’s because of that’s why we make sure the labels we design are of the same quality as the professional ones, so your product will stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a small-scale crafter or a large-scale manufacturer, our labels are created based on deliberation and precision so that you will have no worries about candles standing out.

You can be sure that your branding will hold up even after frequent use because our custom candle labels are composed of premium materials that are long-lasting and resilient. Size, shape, colour, and finish are just a few of the customisation options that let you design labels that precisely match your brand’s vision and look.

Besides being a good addition and upgrade to your brand, our labels also function as powerful marketing instruments. Through bespoke graphics and the inclusion of a logo, message, and product information as part of the branding, you can easily engage your users and work on growing your brand identity.

Whether you have an online store selling your candles, craft fairs or retail stores, our printing labels will show-off your products for sale in style and make them eye-catching. By our providing top-quality and customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that you have the finest candle labels. Showcasing your brand identity and intriguing your clients is now as simple as working with TCB’s alluring candle labels.

Explore Diverse Material Options for Your Candle Labels

At TCB, we offer a wide range of material options for your candle labels uk, allowing you to choose the perfect solution for your unique needs. Whether you prioritize durability, print quality, or flexibility, we have the expertise and materials to bring your vision to life.


Paper labels offer a classic and versatile option for candle packaging. They are available in various finishes, including matte, gloss, and textured, allowing you to achieve the desired look for your brand. Paper labels are ideal for smaller production runs and offer excellent printability for vibrant designs.


These vinyl stickers are best suited for candles in damp or humid areas, either outdoors or in stores that are frequently exposed to moisture. For example, when it comes to killing candles that are intended for outdoor use or transportation, vinyl labels have a strong ability to securely attach to numerous kinds of surfaces and handle any outdoor conditions without a problem.


Polyester labels offer remarkable toughness and resistance to tearing which qualifies them for fab candles that are constantly handled or even shaken during shipping. They have the ability to retell chemical elements and oil accordingly, which makes the label remain legible and decorated throughout the lifetime of the candle.

Explore Diverse Categories of Candle Labels 

We at TCB, worldwide have the widest range of candle labels to fulfill your labeling hosting needs. Our offerings range from safety compliance to brand identity through to album artwork, all of which enable you to make a mark in the candle industry.

Candle Warning Labels

Make sure the safety rules are followed and give relevant information to consumers by using our candle warning labels. Our labels can help you to communicate additional information regarding safety warnings and precautions in a clear and direct manner. They also assist you in complying with certain industry standards and warn your customers of any hazards.

Private Label Candles

Give greater visibility to your brand and create a unique identity by using our private-label candle services. Find your look! Put your logo, branding message, or product information on the labels to give your candles a premium position in the market. Grab your chance to perfect your branding and penetrate the market with the awe-inspiring labels we provide.

Candle Safety Labels

Safety and peace of mind as some of the basic features of labels of our candles. Our safety labels are meant to stick firmly to candle containers and guide candle users on the correct use of the product while addressing their safety concerns. The flame safety tips, burn time columns, and other trivial information encoded in the labels of our products help to ease safe candle use in homes and public places.

White Label Candles

Get into the mood for candles easily by choosing from our white-label candles. Whether it is our authentic candles or customised ones, make us your provider, and we will supply you with the ones that carry your brand graphics and are true to your branding. We deliver white label candles uk  which provide an excellent opportunity for you to enter the market with no worries about your product quality.

Different Shapes and Sizes on Candle Labels

The candles that you will be selling should have the right shape and size because this is one way to make your products stand out. At TCB, we offer a variety of options to suit your branding needs:


Rectangular labels exist there in that they are simple classic and an option that can be used for candle packaging. They might be used to tell much about products, a brand, and even design. They are suitable for branding, promotional, and decor purposes, so with all this, you can emphasize your original design and show how different your brand is from the others.


The square labels are perfect for the modern and minimalistic appearance of the candle packaging. The enclosed edges and the balanced symmetry of square labels give a neat surface for your branding along with the supporting information to shine.


Die-cut labels are unique in terms of their mold, which makes them look aesthetically appealing when fitted on your candle containers. You may be spoiled for choice with a label that outlines the shape of your logo or a distinct look that tells who you are, die-cut stamping guarantees limitless levels of customisation.

Different Printing Techniques for Candle Labels

Choosing the right printing technique is crucial for creating high-quality and visually appealing personalized candle labels. At TCB, we offer a variety of printing options to meet your specific needs:

Digital Printing

Digital printing can be used to make candle labels using bright colors, complex images, and unique designs while being more affordable compared to other printing methods. It offers fast deliveries and is recommendable for all types of orders that do not exceed medium-sized print runs. Digital printing allows for great print quality and sharpness, helping your candle labels catch and keep the eyes of potential buyers when shelved.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a long-lasting and trustworthy form of printing for printing candle labels in big numbers but with high-level quality. It does so, using printing plates and ink rollers to transfer the ink onto label material, which in return gives crisp and precise prints. For offset printing, large-size designs can be carried out together with plenty of printable color options and varieties to select from.

CMYK Printing

A process known as CMYK printing, which is a four-color process of printing, uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to provide the broadest colour range. It is not only good for the picture and the detail but also for printing a vibrant label with gently fading and photographic images. CMYK printing ensures precise colour match and makes the labels very spectacular therefore increasing consumers’ awareness. Harnessing renewable energy is one of the most effective ways to reduce the harmful impact of climate change.

PMS Printing

The PMS or Pantone Matching System is a spot coat print that joins the colours that have already been mixed into the system to achieve accurate matching of the colour in question. It is ideal for brands that need to match specific colours or a friendly nature that brand consistency can keep across different print materials. The PMS printing gives the assurance of the colour quality and allows custom colorations created to match your individual brand identity.

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