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Custom Eco Friendly Boxes Packaging Wholesale

Eco friendly product packaging can be used as a sign of goodwill for your brand. However, conveying to people that you love nature and don’t harm it, creates an adorable place for your brand in their hearts. So, in this way, people start believing in you and your product.

We at TheCosmeticBoxes offers eco-friendly boxes to create and maintain your position in the market. We offer colourful themes and fonts to increase the eco friendly boxes outlook. Our eco friendly boxes catch the attention of onlookers. Our eco friendly boxes create an outstanding place for your product in the market.

You all are familiar that our environment is in danger because of the formation of packaging from harmful materials as plastic which cannot be recycled and emit toxic gases when disposed and it’s not biodegradable.

So, by being a part of this ecosystem, it’s our prior responsibility to make this world a better living place, which will also be beneficial for our future generation. So, that’s why we at TheCometicBoxes have taken the initiative to not to be a part of this degradation act of environmental destruction by playing our vital role for this definite cause.

Our company has made a firm decision to manufacture eco friendly boxes which can be recycled and have a good impact on the environment.

Moreover, we produce biodegradable and eco friendly packaging UK with a wide range of benefits.

We offer Eco Friendly Biodegradable Material Boxes.

We at TheCometicBoxes provide biodegradable custom eco friendly packaging boxes. You can avail our eco-friendly boxes to encase your various products. Instead of just producing eco-friendly material boxes, we also focus on box printing. Our eco-printed boxes are the best one which you can avail of.

Do you know? The emerging trend of recycling in western countries, the eco-packaging trend has maximized. Our eco-boxes can be recycled easily. The following are some of the eco-boxes materials which we offer:

Kraft Eco Friendly Boxes

The best eco friendly material is Kraft material. The kraft paper is originated by the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp. However, the base components in the wood are lignin and cellulose.

So, for making good paper, lignin is separated from the cellulose. We offer good quality Kraft boxes which are eco-friendly and easily recyclable. The kraft material custom eco friendly boxes don’t add much weight to the package, so using kraft material packaging keeps shipping costs low. Further, it has a coarse texture, flexible, and durable to provide more protection to the inside product.

Cardboard Eco-Boxes

We offer cardboard eco-boxes which are biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. The cardboard boxes give your products a very eye-catching and high-lighting look. The cardboard eco-boxes comprise of smooth surface for efficient printing.

You can avail attractive glittery colours for printing on cardboard eco-boxes to make your brand prominent. Our boxes attain the customers’ attention in very little time and give your product opportunities to be viewed.

We offer great laminations for your boxes as well. You can laminate the cardboard eco-boxes, which will prevent them from dirt and stains. Lamination efficiently saves the custom printed eco friendly boxes from oil and water damage keeping your boxes look fresh and brand attractive for a long time.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboards eco-boxes are lightweight, yet strong. You can use these boxes to pack products ranging from medicines to frozen food to cosmetics.

Our pizza box constructed out of corrugated boards helps to retain the heat and freshness of the pizza for a short time.

Bux Board Boxes

Do you know what Bux Board Boxes are? BuxBoard Boxes are eco friendly which is made by using the corrugated paper stock in which the rows can be added to put different things in one box.

We offer these boxes for daily routine uses such as the pizza or cereals, etc.

Our bux board boxes are widely popular for packaging of materials relating to retail services. However, if you have huge demands placed on you for delivery, this material is for you to provide excellent quality at a low cost.

The bux board is known for its rugged surface, which is not only long-lasting but also gives excellent protection to the product. The eco friendly bux board boxes can be customized in a wider number of options to suit your products, giving them protection and easy handling.

Stylize Opening of Your Eco friendly Boxes Nicely

We at TheCosmeticBoxes offers great opening styles for boxes. Avail our awesome opening styles according to your eco friendly boxes requirements. Moreover, you can imprint nice information and patterns on the eco friendly boxes. However, attractive eco-packaging will make customers buy your products more.

Moreover, the packaging matters more than the inner product always. So, focus on the outer packaging. Thus, the outer look of the eco friendly box is the pivotal point to make your sales enhance.

We offer great customization options to embrace your boxes. However, you can add a clear window on top of the box to give the inner view of the retail products. Additionally, you are free to imprint all the necessary information regarding the product, the company’s name, logo, and unique phrases, ingredients, etc. So, the custom logo boxes will assist you in branding.

The following are various eco-friendly opening styles which you can adopt for your eco-friendly packaging:

Tuck-end Eco-Box Style

In the tuck-end eco-box-style, we offer further three types, the one is straight-end, the second is auto-lock bottom, and the third is reverse-end boxes. You can select any of the types according to your product specification. Hence, each box has its own function. So, you can grab the box of your own choice.

Sleeve Eco-Box Box

The products look really elegant in sleeve eco-boxes. The shape of the sleeve box looks very attractive. Moreover, you can avail of a PVC window option in the middle of the sleeve box for embracing the packaging. However, this will give people a nice inner look of your product.

Display Eco-Box

This display eco-packaging is the best one to showcase your retail products in the retail shop or store, etc. We offer amazing designs and colours in display box, which makes the customer buy your product straight away.

Gable Eco-Box

You can encase your retail products amazingly in a gable eco-box. It looks really attractive. The gable box has handles on top, which makes it easy to hold and carry. However, we offer this box type for gifting purposes and luxury eco friendly packaging as well.

We use Eco Friendly Printing Ink Techniques.

We at TheCosmeticBoxes use Soy inks which are more sustainable. Unlike petroleum-based inks, our inks come from a renewable source. However, these releases zero VOCs. The soy ink-printed papers can be deinked easily. This makes the recycling process much easier.

We offer Eco Friendly Fillers.

The recyclable peanuts packing can be used instead of EPS or Styrofoam peanuts. However, they often work better than the regular ones and are easy on the environment as well.

Whereas, the bubble wrap is bad for the environment, as it doesn’t decompose, so avail of eco-friendly option in place of it. We offer many options that you can use for wrapping made out of up-cycled corrugated cardboard. It serves the same purpose as the bubble wrap.

Add Pictorial Graphics to your Eco Friendly Boxes

Customers love to grab attractive appearance eco-boxes. However, the same is in the case of eco-friendly box packaging. So, buy our environmentally friendly packaging UK which grabs customers’ attention at first glance. It is obvious that boxes impress the customers more than the inside encased product.

We offer great innovative designs, eye-catchy colour combination balance, more attractive embossing and debossing, and the eye-catching coatings. These features will make your eco-boxes look amazing. People are not usually attracted to plain eco-packaging. So, you can make them attractive by availing our enticing printing options.

Our company offers amazing options for embracing eco-friendly boxes. We use the best colour combinations to embrace boxes. Moreover, you can also avail of these options to make your eco friendly cosmetic packaging uk stand out.

You Can Add Amazing Features on the Eco-Friendly Packaging

We offer nice features which you can add to your eco-packaging boxes. However, we offer innumerable options such as you can add UV spotting, foiling or stickers techniques on the box.

We inscribe amazing designs on the eco-boxes. Moreover, we offer almost sixty foiling colours to enhance the appearance of the boxes. If you want to imprint your choice artwork on the boxes just draw out your chosen artwork for boxes by the help of graphical software and convey your idea to our packaging experts.

There are diversifying printing expertise available in our company, such as offset, screening printing, and digital methods. So, choose printing option according to your choice. Additionally, you can imprint the eco-boxes packaging with any type of metallic foiling as well; however, you can add the perforation technique as well.

Our experts inscribe your company’s logo as well to make your boxes stand out in the market.

We offer a window option to make your various product boxes look awesome. You can show off your inside products amazingly while displaying them with the help of this window option.

The window option will make different customers see inside encased products beautifully through the clear window. Further, you can modify the window smaller or bigger according to your needs. You can also make it glued on the front or top of the box.

The Kraft window eco-boxes have great advantages, but as the PVC or PET material is plastic, not eco-friendly. However, the Kraft box itself is 100% recyclable, but the PVC material is not so we offer the die-cut option for window option.

Buy Wholesale Eco Friendly Boxes

We at TheCosmeticBoxes offers a tremendous opportunity for the retailers to buy eco-boxes in bulk quantity. Therefore, you can buy eco friendly boxes wholesale in order to save your cost. The order in wholesale has proven to be beneficial for the companies. You can order in vast quantities, and we offer package deals as well.

Our company offers amazing eco friendly packaging wholesale. We have not limited our services to the production of a specific type of box.

Eco-friendly Boxes Types

We offer the following environment-friendly boxes types:

  • Green Boxes
  • Recyclable Kraft boxes
  • Environment-friendly packaging
  • Eco-friendly gift boxes
  • Ecological Bux Board Boxes
  • Reusable cosmetic boxes

We Offer Amazing Coating for Environment-Friendly Boxes

The coating is extremely necessary to lock in the ink of eco-boxes graphics. Our company professionals offer amazing coatings for your boxes. The following are some of the amazing coatings which are company offers:

Gloss Coating

The gloss coating gives a very lavishing and smooth look to the packaging boxes. The glossy surface shines in the sunlight amazingly. This coating adds glamour to your eco-friendly packaging boxes.

Matte Coating

The matte coating does not give a shiny feel in the sunlight. The matte coating gives a very graceful touch to the eco friendly boxes. This matte coating gives a very awesome finish to the eco friendly packaging.

Satin Coating

A satin coating is neither matte nor glossy; it lies in between both these coatings. This coating makes boxes look attractive.

Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating not only saves your product from degradations but keep the eco-box shiny and well-shaped for a longer time.

The aqueous coating is water-based. It has fast-drying capabilities when used during the printing process. This coating is often used to resist fingerprints and other impurities.

Spot UV Coating

In a spot UV coating technique, you can add a mixture of two coatings like some of the box part can be glossy and other can be remained matte. This coating gives an amazing high-end look to eco-boxes.

Benefits of Using Eco Friendly Boxes

Eco friendly boxes give a very positive impact on the overall environment. The eco-boxes enhance your business and your customers. The eco-friendly packaging can make your business grow greatly! So, availing of eco-boxes can help the environment tremendously.

The following are benefits of using eco-packaging:

  • Eco-friendly boxes are very easy to dispose of or reused. The eco-boxes are highly-biodegradable and recyclable. It’s by far the best form of environmentally-friendly packaging available today.
  • The usage of eco-boxes is good for the environment. It means fewer carbon emissions and little to no waste.
  • For the formation of eco-boxes, it takes fewer energy sources. The great advantage is this that eco-friendly material boxes are organic and natural.
  • The eco-materials are natural and healthy for people. Its manufacturing does not involve synthetic chemicals.
  • Usage of sustainable packaging can boost your brand image in the market and among the customers.
  • The adoption of eco-boxes for your all products will bring your company at the forefront.
  • The manufacturing cost of green boxes is less than regular packaging materials, thus saving your business money.
  • Eco-friendly packaging also typically uses less material than traditional packaging, making it another win for the environment.

Our Eco-Boxes are Cost-Effective

You can invest in our biodegradable packaging to reduce your manufacturing costs. Availing our inexpensive recycled material boxes can reduce your packaging expenses.

We use sustainable materials for eco friendly boxes. We offer eco-boxes made from 100% recyclable materials with the option of printing with soy-based inks. Moreover, the UV and aqueous coating are VOC-free and will protect your eco-friendly boxes without affecting the environment.

Our design experts inscribe awesome and beautiful custom graphics, printing and alteration options such as foil stamping, embossing, and debossing features. So, you can select the graphics and outlook that is right for your box.

Why Choose Our Eco-Packaging Services?

Our company TheCosmeticBoxes delivers perfectly sustainable boxes. We offer 3D mock up sampling, but if you want a physical sampling, we also cater to that.

We make custom eco-boxes on your demand. Our experts can manufacture and design boxes in any dimension and shape according to your choice. Further, you can place an order of 100 boxes minimum and 500,000 boxes at maximum.

Our experts have an awesome ability to produce physical and digital standards for the eco-packaging processes. We wonderfully focus on reducing post-consumer waste which is essential to our packaging business. Our packaging experts strive to create boxes that are reusable and recyclable.

Moreover, we take six to eight business days to deliver the order, but if you want it immediately, we will supply it sooner than the standard time period.

You can protect the earth by availing our stylized custom eco-boxes at reasonable prices. Nature is what makes human beings, and we make for human beings 100% biodegradable natural packaging material which is safe for the environment.

So, avail our cost-effective eco friendly packaging to save the environment.


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