Hair Extension Packaging

Custom Hair Extension Packaging for Premium Appeal and Increased Sales

Cosmetics are among the best-selling things in the world. The need for hair extensions has increased in tandem with the growth of fashion trends. It is therefore imperative that you present your product in a more exquisite manner than your rivals’ in order to win over customers. And using personalised hair extension boxes is the best way to do it.

Hair extension boxes are constructed from premium materials to preserve their quality and shield them from harm. These packaging boxes have a high-end appearance thanks to the captivating images and pictorial motifs put on them. On the other hand, your female clients will find your inside-place hair extensions to be the most luxurious option due to the superior external works on these boxes.

At TCB, our specialty is making hair extension boxes that are both aesthetically pleasing to draw in your intended audience and simple to open for their total comfort. We make sure that our Cosmetic Boxes and hair extension boxes are strong and long-lasting by using premium materials. You can get assistance from our team of designers in modifying the themes, colours, and graphics to fit the style of your brand. Using our personalised hair extension packaging, you can enhance the appeal of your product and set your brand apart to boost sales. Let’s talk more about our top-notch, reasonably-priced packing services and hair extension boxes.

Packaging Materials for Hair Extensions

The correct material must be chosen when packaging your hair extensions to provide both product protection and aesthetic appeal. In order to accommodate your unique requirements and tastes, we provides a wide range of material choices.

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated


Cardboard is a common material for hair extension packing due to its versatility and durability. It gives your products superior protection and a smooth surface for printing with superior quality. To match your brand’s look, we offer a variety of colours and finishes for our cardboard hair extension boxes.


The idea of kraft packaging revolves around eco-friendly and sustainable material which makes it the most suitable choice for the brands that wish to minimize their environmental footprints. Our Kraft hair extension boxes are made from recycled materials and offer your brand logging possibilities, increasing your brand awareness.


To add to its surplus of strength and the tip of the iceberg, corrugated packaging is the most desirable choice. The hair extension boxes are characterized by a corrugated inner layer with two flat outer layers making them superior to other packaging options in terms of shipping and handling.

Styles of Hair Extension Packaging

It is crucial that a customer will become aware of your hair extensions in an exciting and convenient way through the appropriate packaging style. To meet various expectations of our customers, we have designed different packaging solutions to suit all requests and make your products look more attractive.

Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes are sleek and modern packaging options, especially the hair extension products. These packages’ capability lies in their sliding sleeve designs; they give convenient service of opening while assuring safe transportation and storage. These tills can effectively serve as a demonstration counter of high-end hair extension boxes that are decorated with elite finishes and accessories.

Boxes with Lids

The boxes with lids are a traditional and versatile solution for packaging your hair extensions. These carton boxes have a lid that tightly shuts down to the base, therefore offering additional cover and a branded customizable area for the goods.

Tuck End Boxes

Convenient tuck closure mechanism is used in end boxes making them easy to put in use as well as to assemble. These boxes are just the right package for hair extension subscription boxes, where customers are engaged with recurring branding to have a personal and striking unboxing experience.

Hair Extension Boxes with Superior Finishing

If you want to take your packaging to the next level, we provide a range of finishing options. We provide foil stamping, gloss, matte, and spot UV finishing choices. Your package will stand out if you select the finishing choice that best fits the aesthetic and tastes of your brand.

Spot UV Finishing

Your hair extension boxes will look bold and spectacular with our spot UV finishing option. This finishing option gives some parts of your box a shine or matte finish to make it stand out and give your packaging an opulent appearance.

Matte Finishing

Your hair extension boxes will look sleek and elegant with our matte finishing choice. This finishing choice gives your box a velvety, non-glossy texture that makes it stand out and gives your packaging a polished look.

Gloss Finishing

By adding a high-gloss shine to your hair extension boxes, our gloss finishing option makes them stand out and gives your packaging a more colourful vibe. This finishing touch is ideal for giving your brand an upscale, glistening appearance.

Foil Stamping

We apply foil stamping to give your hair extension boxes a shiny or glossy finish, giving them an opulent and exquisite appearance, using our most recent finishing techniques. This finishing touch is ideal for giving your packaging a premium appearance and making it stand out on store shelves. When working with us, you are fully free to select between gold and silver foil to enhance the appearance of your hair extensions.

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