Paper Food Trays

Sustainable Serving Paper Food Trays for Any Occasion

In keeping with our commitment to supporting environmentally responsible solutions, TCB proudly introduces our range of Sustainable Serving Paper Food Trays. These environmentally conscious trays offer a fashionable and conscientious substitute for any setting.

Our custom paper food trays are not only a necessity to have in order to serve but they signify an informed decision towards a greener world. These trays are made from environmentally friendly materials such that they minimize the impact on nature as it does not adversely affect their functionality and style. It is the perfect eco-friendly solution for a study get-together, party, or even an event where you would like to serve food.

It’s the perfect combination of convenience and eco-friendliness that allows you to serve appetizers, snacks, or even full meals with these ingenious trays. The trays are durable in design, and capable of withstanding a diverse range of culinary creations while at the same time being compostable and biodegradable.

Apart from the sustainable aspect of our Sustainable Serving Paper Food Trays, they also enhance your table decorations. The next time you host an event, create a statement with TCB’s eco-friendly paper food trays – where sustainability meets style.

Let us contribute positively to the environment but not with less fun while serving and savoring tasty chow. Discover our Sustainable Serving Paper Food Trays line today to take your event décor one step further in style and responsibility.

Closer Look at Sustainable Materials for Food Trays

The materials used to make a paper plate tray are particularly important in terms of sustainability and usability. Here at TCB, we provide a large assortment of materials for your convenience. The extraordinary materials we utilise in our assortment of personalised paper food trays are broken down as follows:


Our Paperboard trays offer a flexible alternative, with the benefits of being hardy yet lightweight for serving different foods. Suitable for parties from the informal to the sophisticated, these trays can handle heartier fare without compromising.

Kraft Paper

TCB’s Kraft Paper trays radiate a natural beauty as they combine the features of being sturdy and environmentally responsible. Kraft paper is inherently earthy, making it perfect for eco-conscious gatherings and environmentally friendly presentations.


Seen as an ideal solution for those who want durability while preserving sustainability, our Cardboard food trays are a great choice. These trays are to survive through weightier services and are easy to recycle these fit our style of eliminating environmental issues.


Find out how our Corrugated Paper Snack Trays, are made to endure the rigors of many snacks. The corrugated pattern improves structural strength, guaranteeing that your snacks will be offered securely and making these a remarkable choice for occasions with an assorted menu.

Those looking for a reliable and eco-friendly option may opt for our Cardboard food trays or enjoy the integrity of Corrugated Paper Snack Trays. No matter your preference, TCB guarantees that such a choice corresponds with our eco-friendly option.

Explore TCB’s Diverse Paper Food Tray Categories

Convenience and elegant sustainability are the areas TCB owns well with many custom-made paper food trays categories providing a specific answer for different food trends. Plunge into our carefully picked range and find the ideal tray for any situation.

Hot Dog Trays

Take your hot dog experience to the next level with TCB’s expert Hot Dog Trays. These trays are designed to hold your hot dogs snugly, ensuring no spills while allowing an equally appealing display. They make a great option for outdoor events, parties, and other casual settings where one can enjoy this perennial favourite in true style.

Pizza Slice Trays

You can have a slice of pizza on the go with our Pizza Slice Trays. Perfectly sized to fit one slice, these trays keep the pizza whole whether at a raucous occasion or relaxed picnic. Farewell to precariously balancing several slices on thin plates!

Waffle Trays

Immerse in the joy of waffles with our specially designed Waffle Trays. Crafted for holding waffles large and small, these trays simplify the process of serving as well as eating this classic breakfast treat. The durable design allows the waffles to maintain their perfect image from the kitchen till they reach your table.

Burger Trays

With our Burger Trays, serve up juicy burgers in style. These trays offer a sturdy base to hold burgers of all sizes, which means that every bite is as delicious as the first. Whether you are having a barbecue or an informal lunch, our burger trays will spruce up your presentation.

Cake Trays

To appreciate precious moments, our Cake Trays are highly capable of presenting and serving your mouthwatering cakes superbly. The strong build of these trays makes sure that your cakes arrive at the table clean and therefore meant for use during birthdays, weddings, or any other celebratory occasion.

Nacho Trays

Get creative with your parties and serve the Nacho Trays, specifically designed for nacho topping. These trays are specially designed to keep the toppings tidy, so your guests enjoy every layer of taste without making a mess. Perfect for movie nights, game days, or any celebratory event.

Food Boat Trays

To ensure a flexible and attractive presentation, consider our paper food boats. Such trays will be ideal for serving different snacks from fries to tacos. Notably, the boat design accentuates your table with a whimsical appeal that makes it an outstanding piece for occasions when creativity is vital.

Colorful Printing Options Paper Food Tray 

First of all, to ensure that your culinary presentations are personalized TCB provides different printing options for our paper serving boats. Explore a world of personalization and find that perfect print method to display your brand or give an individual touch to any party.

Digital Printing

The Digital Printing technology of TCB makes our Paper Food Tray printing colorful and high-definition. Suitable for complex designs, colored logos, or intricate artwork your branding is fully replicated with exactness. This approach is ideal for people who want a dramatic statement.

Offset Printing

To give your Paper Food Trays a sharp and corporate appearance, select Offset Printing from TCB. This technique yields clear, consistent images with high color accuracy. Offset printing scales well for higher volumes and is therefore preferable when events, catering, or brand consistency are involved.


Create trays from Paper Food Trays with Embossed or Deboss Printing. Produce an embossed or debossed mark on the tray’s surface; give dimension to your branding or design. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers your customers an unmatched sensory experience.

Screen Printing

The Screen Printing on the french fries paper tray provided by TCB provides durability and versatility. It is perfect for print designs that are bold and opaque, screen printing also enables vivid colors with strong bonding. This approach is ideal for logos, branding, or designs that need a vibrant presence on the tray surface.

Flexography (Flexo) Printing

Flexography or flexo printing is the most cost-effective and efficient solution for mass production in Paper Food tray printing. This process is very efficient at producing quality images in a short period. Flexo prints are a perfect choice for companies in need of high-volume printing and constant uniformity over the entire case.

Why Us:

When you choose The Cosmetic Boxes for your Paper Food Tray needs, you can count on unrivalled dedication and quality. Our eco-friendly, stylish trays are made from sustainable materials. With a variety of categories catered to your serving needs and configurable printing choices, TCB guarantees that your presentations are memorable. Elevate your serving experience with TCB and put your trust in us for perfection in design, durability, and environmental responsibility.


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