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Custom Mailer Boxes Are Redefining Retail Packaging Beyond Shipping

The misconception that mailer boxes are only used for shipping, mailing, or subscription services needs to be dispelled. These boxes have evolved beyond their conventional use in the constantly changing retail environment. Retailers are looking for packaging solutions that will not only safeguard their products but also improve the perception of their brands. TCB is at the forefront of this packaging revolution.

The function of Custom Mailer Boxes has been modified. These boxes are made with adaptability in mind so they are no longer limited to merely mailing. Our commitment is to provide an out-of-the-box packaging solution in order to satisfy the various needs of our respected clientele.

We’ve added a variety of remarkable features to our Mailer Packaging to delight our consumers. Our mailer boxes are made to increase the appeal of your items, from cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and materials to recognisable extras and personalised printing choices. By putting your goods in Mailer Boxes, you increase both their market demand and safety.

Choosing the Best Material for Your Mailer Boxes

Material selection is important when it comes to producing packaging for your items that has an effect. Each material offers a distinct combination of qualities that cater to various demands and tastes. Here is a list of some common components used to make mailer boxes uk:


Cardboard is usually chosen as the material for mailer boxes because of its versatility. It blends cost and robustness successfully. Cardboard mailer boxes are a great alternative for branding because it’s simple to print vibrant graphics and logos on them due to their flat surface. Due to its environmental friendliness, the product is a well-liked option for businesses looking for eco-friendly packaging choices.


Kraft mailer boxes are a great option for companies that are committed to sustainability. Kraft is recyclable and made from unbleached pulp, making it biodegradable. It gives the packaging a natural, rustic appearance that ups its overall eco-friendliness. Kraft mailer boxes are strong and environmentally responsible, guaranteeing the security of your goods while in transit.


Corrugated mailer boxes are the best choice for protecting your goods from the knocks and jolts of shipment. This material, which consists of numerous cardboard layers with an interior layer of corrugated material, provides increased strength and endurance. Because of their excellent cushioning qualities, corrugated mailer boxes are well-suited for securely shipping delicate or fragile goods.


Rigid mailer boxes are the pinnacle of opulent packaging for goods that deserve a high-end feel. These elegant boxes offer an additional degree of security and are made of heavy, durable materials. High-end products are frequently packaged in rigid white mailer boxes, giving customers a memorable unwrapping experience.

Mailer Box Types for Ideal Packaging Solutions

One size does not fit all when it comes to packing. The world of mailer boxes offers a wide variety of types, each created to address particular requirements and give your product presentation a special flair. Let’s examine a few common varieties of mailer boxes wholesale:

Regular Slotted Container

A standard in the packaging sector is the Regular Slotted Container (RSC). Its simple construction includes flaps that, when folded, meet in the middle to form a solid and dependable framework. RSC mailer boxes are a popular option for companies seeking a traditional and affordable packaging solution because they are adaptable and suitable for a variety of items.

Roll End Tuck Front

Mailer boxes with a Roll End Tuck Front (RETF) blend style and security. These boxes offer an additional layer of defence because they have flaps that slide into the box and a tuck front closing. For products that need a higher level of protection during transit, RETF boxes are ideal. Additionally, the layout provides lots of room for branding and product details, making it a favourite for retail packaging.

Mailer Boxes with Tuck Top

Mailer boxes with a tuck-top closure are the best choice for a simple and hassle-free unwrapping experience. For products that customers might wish to retrieve frequently, the tuck top design makes it excellent because it makes the contents easily accessible. The total client experience is improved by these boxes’ functionality as well as their slick, polished appearance.

Die-Cut Mailer Boxes

Die-cut mailer boxes are the solution if you want to stand out with your packing. Using a die-cutting technique, these boxes are precisely made, enabling complex shapes and patterns. Die-cut mailer boxes may be highly customised, which makes them ideal for creating distinctive and attractive packaging that is consistent with your brand identity.

Tab Lock Mailer Boxes

Tab lock mailer boxes come up to the plate when security is of the utmost importance. These boxes offer additional security against tampering thanks to tabs that lock into place. When mailing important or sensitive things, tab lock mailer boxes are frequently used to keep the materials inside secure during transit.

E-commerce Mailer Bags

Flexibility is essential in the e-commerce era. A lightweight, adaptable packing option for transporting a variety of goods is provided by e-commerce mailer bags. These bags are frequently constructed from sturdy materials that resist tearing and moisture, guaranteeing that your goods reach customers in perfect condition.

Printing Techniques for Mailer Boxes

The selection of printing methods is crucial for producing custom printed mailer boxes uk that leave a lasting impact. The total attractiveness may be substantially impacted by how your brand and design features are depicted on the box. The following are some essential printing methods frequently used for mailer boxes:

Digital Printing

The great precision and versatility of digital printing have revolutionised the packaging sector. This method entails writing digital files directly onto the surface of the branded mailer boxes. It’s ideal for complex patterns, vivid colours, and small print runs. On-demand production is possible with digital printing, making it a practical choice for small numbers without sacrificing quality.

Offset Printing 

Offset printing is a time-tested yet still effective technique that produces outstanding print quality. In this method, ink is applied to the mailer box surface after being transferred from a metal plate to a rubber blanket. It offers reliable, high-resolution photos and is best for big volumes. Offset printing is a popular option for complex and vibrant graphics because of its reputation for reproducing fine details and gradients with astounding accuracy.

Screen Printing

Mailer boxes are given a tactile dimension using screen printing, which applies many coats of ink to the surface through a mesh screen. The ability of this technique to provide a bright and textured surface is well known. The strong, solid hues it works well with give your packaging a satisfying feel and appearance. Because of its durability and ability to create different effects on a range of materials, screen printing is commonly selected.

Mailer Boxes with Unique Finishing Techniques

The finishing touches on your mailer boxes are essential if you want to leave a lasting impression. The right finishing method provides a bit of elegance in addition to improving the overall attractiveness. The following are some well-liked finishing methods for custom-printed mailer boxes:


By lifting some portions of the mailer box, the method of embossing produces a three-dimensional impression. This gives the box a bit of elegance in addition to adding texture. Customers can have a tactile and eye-catching experience by embossing your brand, a pattern, or a distinctive design feature to make it stand out.


Debossing, which creates a sunken effect by pressing an image or text into the surface of the mailer box, is the opposite of embossing. This subtle yet clever approach gives your packaging a sense of elegance. A company logo, a motto, or elaborate patterns that give the overall design a luxurious feel can all be debossed.

Hot Stamping

Metallic foil is placed on the surface of the mailer box using the hot stamping technique, which combines pressure and heat. The shiny, glossy, or holographic finishes can all be achieved using this technique. It gives your package a posh and appealing touch that makes it stand out on the shelves and leave a lasting impression on shoppers.


Similar to hot stamping, foiling entails covering the mailer box’s surface with a thin layer of colored or metallic foil. Foiling can be used to draw attention to certain features, make borders, or give the packaging a general gloss. Foil’s reflective quality draws attention and gives your mailer boxes a dash of glitz.

Spot UV

Spot UV entails coating some parts of the mailer box with a glossy material to contrast the matte and glossy surfaces. This method works wonders for emphasizing text, logos, or complex features. Spot UV makes your packaging more eye-catching and upscale by adding a tactile element in addition to improving its visual appeal.

Why Choose Us:

For unrivalled quality and dependability, use TCB for custom mailer boxes uk. Your packaging needs are precisely handled thanks to our dedication to perfection. TCB provides solutions that complement your brand identity using a wide variety of materials and customisation choices. Count on TCB for unique, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing mailer boxes that make an impression.


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