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Showcase Your Valuables With Elegance In Tuck Boxes

Tuck Boxes, the personification of care, refinement, and beauty in packaging personal objects, re-establish themselves as masters in this art. In TCB, we have developed a series of tuck box uk that give an atmosphere of refinement to valued items such as cosmetics and jewelry or small appliances including medical paraphernalia. Our devotion does not end in the look; Tuck Boxes by TCB provide guaranteed defense, giving freedom that is unparalleled.

With its creatively designed and printable Tuck Boxes, our brand easily fits into your living space because of the functionality spirit it will bring to you. The Folding Tuck Boxes in general act as retail boxes that are ideal for storing the products securely with edges folding up easily along with lids during filling these. The outcome is not simply a functional packaging approach but an aesthetically pleasing one.

Durable Material options for Tuck Boxes 

We use higher quality materials than industry standards set at TCB to meet and exceed customer expectations. Regardless of the selected material – Cardstock, Cardboard, or Paperboard – our custom tuck boxes help to display your goods in a more appealing way and maintain them secure. Choose the material that is congruent with your packaging needs and allow TCB to provide quality, which speaks for itself.


Our Cardstock Tuck Boxes are noted for their durability and flexibility. Cardstock comes in handy for any product ensuring that the packaging is both aesthetically appealing and durable.


Uncover the durability and trustworthiness of our Cardboard Tuck Boxes. The boxes are made from high-quality cardboard and can therefore hold heavier items while at the same time offering better security during transit. The strong composition of cardboard keeps your products both safe and sound.


With our Paperboard tuck packaging boxes, you can enjoy the ideal combination of lightweight flexibility and strength. This eco-friendly option is suitable for a wide range of packaging applications. Not only can paperboard be recycled, but it also has the possibility of colorful printing; hence your package stays visually pleasing and environmentally friendly.

Exclusive Categories of Tuck Boxes

In TCB, we emphasize quality as well as innovation that is should make our wholesale tuck boxes meet and even surpass the standards set by the industry. Pick the option that most match your packaging specifications and let TCB take your product to new dimensions.

Straight tuck box

The Straight tuck box is one of the most popular eco-friendly tuck boxes for packaging: it can fit a wide range of products. It erases the display at the front in order to showcase the packaging of the product. It does not disfigure the packaging material and makes it unique. On the back of the straight tuck box is a top and bottom baffle on each side, while always on the front of the product display. The boxes are glued and no glue or tape is needed to pack.

The straight tuck box, also referred to as STE ( Straight Tuck ), is closed on all sides and can be used for a variety of products. It is these boxes that are perfect for products which require to be exhibited perfectly

Reverse Tuck Boxes

We manufacture reverse tuck boxes based on your specifications. Reverse folding boxes are applicable worldwide as a packing solution. Folding these with the right side back and the other one frontward. In the picture, there is no package of a product. It is limited to covering the product, and so it does not reveal other aspects of this facility.

Auto Lock Tuck Boxes

Secure your products with ease using our Auto Lock Tuck Boxes. It is meant to be assembled quickly, with no additional adhesives required for a safe fit. These boxes are convenient for different items and do not sacrifice strength.

Inverted Tuck End Box

Our Inverted Tuck End Boxes make a statement, made to be clean and precise. The inverted tuck end ensures that the closure wears smooth creating a clean appearance It is perfect to present luxury products and improve the aesthetics of your brand.

Dealend Tuck Boxes

Are you searching for an affordable and trustworthy solution to packaging? Our Dealend Tuck Boxes are the solution. These boxes adhere to quality without compromising cost-effectiveness. With a secure tuck closure, your items will arrive undamaged and good-looking as well.

Double-Wall Tuck Box

For increased durability and improved packaging, choose our Double-Wall Tuck Boxes. These boxes provide an extra level of safety, which makes them perfect for heavier or delicate objects. With the double-layer design, your products reach customers safely and are impeccably packaged.

Vivid Printing Options for Tuck Boxes

​Pick the printing style that supports what you see, and let TCB bring your customized tuck boxes to life with artistic creativity like no other.

Digital Printing

We offer Digital Printing as a means to immerse your Tuck Boxes into an ostentatious and occupying world of scenery details. This modern technology offers high-definition graphics, rich colors, and also the ability to print small quantities as required for customization and short turnaround time.

Offset Printing

Our Offset Printing for Tuck Boxes will allow you to get unparalleled print quality. This traditional yet extremely efficient technique guarantees accuracy and uniformity in color replication, hence making it ideal for large amounts. Packaging should be upgraded to sharp, professional images and text.


Flexography offers a cost-effective, high-volume printing solution. Perfect for simple designs and high volumes, Flexography provides impressive results in terms of efficiency. This method allows the production of Tuck Boxes featuring high color saturation and very fast speed.


Our Embossed/Debossed printing will add a tactile and premium feel to your packaging. Create textures that not only contribute to the overall aesthetic but also communicate elegance. This method gives your Tuck Boxes a special quality that makes them really different from others.

Perfect Products That Are Wonderful for Printed Tuck Boxes

As far as packaging goes, printed wholesale tuck boxes occupy a unique position in the hearts of certain products. This is why we offer adjustable boxes to suit the different products.

Certainly, our custom boxes are perfect for any type of goods.

Here are a few examples:

Cosmetics and Beauty Products

These tuck boxes shall add a touch of class to your cosmetic products and beauty lotions. These boxes have a solid structure and will store everything safely. Additionally, do not forget that you can customize them with your brand name and look.

Electronics and Accessories

Our tuck-top boxes are ideal if you provide headphones, chargers, or other small devices as part of the packaging. They will ensure the safety of your products during shipping. Furthermore, their modern design will give your products a more prestigious look.

Food and Confectionery

Special packaging should be about treats such as chocolates, candies, and cookies that are yummy. Well, you will like our tuck box packaging. This box is not only going to keep your food items fresh. More importantly, it will definitely make them much sexier.

Small Gifts and Promotional Items

If you want your gifts or promotional items to stand out, These boxes give an air of sophistication and customization. Consequently, they will ensure that your gifts remain memorable.

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