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Resilient Custom Cardboard Boxes for Easy Shipping

As a product maker or supplier, do you want to make a distinctive impression on customers? Beating the intense competition in the market is never simple. Your business will, however, flourish greatly if you package and transport your goods in our unique custom cardboard boxes. TCB stands as one of the top UK suppliers of packaging. We are always here to give you the best, whether you require wholesale cardboard shipping boxes to ship your goods over a great distance or you want to put your wares on show in a retail establishment.

You may easily customise the dimensions and look of your boxes to fit your tastes thanks to our unparalleled customisation possibilities. A cardboard box with a lid is available, as it is a widely used design in the business. We also provide tempting printing options to enhance the eye-catching quality of your distinctive products. These personalise cardboard packaging with logos also showcase your brand’s outstanding image, which makes them an excellent marketing tool for your company. Your customers are left with a lasting impression by our branded cardboard boxes. Please don’t hesitate to get personalised cardboard boxes from us at a discounted price!

Materials Used to Make Cardboard Boxes

The strength, longevity, and general performance of a box are greatly influenced by the material selection used in packing solutions. To satisfy a variety of packaging requirements, TCB offers a selection of cardboard boxes and packaging made from high-quality materials.


Our traditional cardboard boxes of choice will be the preferable option when it comes to medium to high dense and lightweight items. These boxes are multi-faceted, cheap, and traditional at the same time. They are crucial in shipping and storage by being the most dependable guards.

Corrugated Cardboard

Our specially designed corrugated cardboard boxes UK fluting are ready to carry bigger or more fragile items for you. A reinforcement between double wall cardboard is added through the flutes for example, that guarantees an increase in strength and resistance in impact. They have been engineered to survive the challenges of transport and they guarantee the security of your goods.

Various Types of Cardboard Boxes

The packaging of various products cannot be imagined without cardboard boxes due to their extraordinary multi-functionality. Packing wears distinctive on the cardboard boxes starting from simple shipping them to the sturdiest for long-term storage. Here are some common types of cardboard boxes: Here are some common types of cardboard boxes:

Full Overlap Cardboard Boxes

In the full overlap cardboard box with flaps that cover each other from fully opening to the edge. This design is used to have a stronger structure and high resistance against any impact so that the stuff from the inner side of the box remains safe, especially in case of heavier items or cargo that require added protection.

Full Telescope Cardboard Box

The shape of telescope cardboard boxes is usually a separable one. It is impossible to misplace either the lid or the base. These containers can be used for items accessible in retail stores or too fragile to keep without uplifting the protection level.

Small Cardboard Boxes

Premium custom small cardboard boxes are truly portable and make a fantastic choice for packing small products like jewelry, cosmetics, or small electronic accessories. They should be wisely designed in a way that maximizes both weight and the durability required for protecting valuable merchandising.

Large Cardboard Boxes

Large custom-printed cardboard boxes are the most spacious shape containers suitable for large and long items. If you are relocating or sending large crates of equipment, these boxes cater to your needs by offering ample space and resilience to your items during the transportation stage.

Snap Bottom Box

Snap bottom boxes are quite versatile, as they have a bottom that is conveniently and rapidly assembled by snapping together the sides. Such design removes complexity in packing while guaranteeing safety from side leakage and makes them suited for fast and safe containers.

One Piece Folder

One-piece folders, an alternative name for this product are mailers or envelopes, are a kind of flat display of cardboard which can be also folded into a convenient shape small enough to be put into pockets. It is for the packaging of documents, books, and other flat items supplies such as these are usually in a secured manner.

Self-Locking Cardboard Box

There are boxes that fold itself locks with flaps on the side that fix and keep the openings closed. This does not need the tape or glue for additional securing. It makes packing easy and convenient, so it actually saves time and energy.

Printing Technique of Cardboard Boxes

We know that clients maintain the top position among our priorities. Hence, we start them with the simple process of applying a few printing techniques on printed cardboard boxes.

  • Digital Printing Technique
  • Offset Printing Technique

Digital Printing Technique

The digital printing method is a good idea since it gives you the great opportunity to create the most complex design which is impossible to create with traditional printing methods.

Along with this approach, the delivery of products takes less time and the same product can be customised to big people on demand. Although it can menace large-volume orders, the digital printing method is a better performer when handling small-scale orders due to the costs of the process.

Offset Printing Technique

The offset printing method differs significantly from the digital method. It provides many printing choices, such as full colour and spot colour.

Printing from engraved a plate on the rubber plate is the process involved. By applying the ink on the custom-printed cardboard boxes and followed by heating, pressing, and cooling the whole set a desired illustration is obtained.

Although it is capable of creating extremely beautiful works, the time factor is the most variable, and it can be a bit costly. Yet, this approach of producing top-quality goods leads them to stand permanently in a particular customer’s mind.

Executive ADD-ONS For Cardboard Boxes

The insert is intended for cardboard gift boxes from us especially to enhance the look and workability of your packaging. It doesn’t matter whether you want the gown to be more refined with the embossing or if you’re looking to make a patch out of a window to bring the focus to your product, we have the right choice. Our add-ons include:


The way embossing brings out texture or a 3-dimensional creation by using raised designs or patterns is an added visual value to boxes made of cardboard. You are not only creating a package that is now visual, but you are adding a texture element that makes your packaging look and feel different and stands out to customers.

Spot UV

Spot UV coating involves applying a glossy finish to specific areas of your cardboard boxes, creating contrast and highlighting certain design elements. It adds a sleek and sophisticated look to your packaging and can help draw attention to key branding elements or product features.


Debossing is the opposite of embossing, where the design is pressed into the cardboard to create a recessed effect. It adds depth and sophistication to your packaging, giving it a luxurious look and feel.

Window Patching

Window patching involves adding a transparent plastic window to your cardboard boxes, allowing customers to see the product inside without opening the packaging. It’s an excellent option for showcasing your products while still providing protection and security.

Hot Stamping

Applying metallic foil to your cardboard boxes with heat and pressure is known as hot stamping. It gives your packaging a lustrous, metallic sheen that elevates it to a level of sophistication. For emphasizing logos, brand names, or other design components, hot stamping is ideal.

With our selection of cardboard box accessories, you can design packaging solutions that not only safeguard your goods but also enhance your brand and leave a lasting impact on your clients.

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