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TheCosmeticBoxes has been one of the pioneering packaging companies for decades. We are valued for our services on international forums and we truly appreciate it. Moreover, our rigid gift boxes wholesale are just like the trendsetter in such a vast market. We strive to work for your excellence and betterment which is why our eternal cause is to be at your service every time. Our customer care staff is here for you all day and night and you can contact us at any moment to get to know about anything that you like.

Keep in mind that we have professional designers who know the value of your money and time. Therefore, they give you such a huge variety of choices just so you can ace the market. Choose us as your representative in the market and we will not disappoint you. Contact us right away and avail prevailing discounts and deals only for you.

Why Choose Us?

Without any doubts, we can assure you that we have been in the packaging market for decades and we understand everything that a box needs. Also, our experience has polished our skills even better just so we can offer much better choices. We must not forget that our price ranges are simply affordable for all our clients with free deliveries too. Another plus point is that you can avail as many discounts as you like and none of this is available at any of our competitor’s place. Our only aim is to have your contentment and gratification. We strive to work hard for increasing the sales of all your products.

Surely, our purpose is to build a strong community full of equity and effort but none of our competitors thinks like that. Our sole purpose is to make sure that we give you the best possible facilities and keep track of the money you spend. Indeed, we know that money is the most vital aspect which is why we value each penny that you spend. Thus, you can always count on us for being at your service and that we are striving to be better with increasing times.

Come contact us right away and win the hearts of everyone around you. We guarantee maximum sales for all your products and we promise to be all ears for you. Just as you know that custom packaging is the first thing that attracts or distracts any person. We value it the most and we try to keep the custom rigid boxes UK as captivating as possible. We try our best to come with newer ideas every now and then so that you can continue to impress all of your customers.

Getting Along With Some Of The Most Durable Materials:

We as a packaging company know the value of durable materials and their worth in the market. Therefore, we use the most adorable yet sturdiest materials for making custom rigid boxes. the box material predicts the shelf life and sales of any product, which is why it has to be robust. The materials that we offer are robust in every possible way and they prevent the products from breaking or from a y other impairments too. The purpose of the materials is to give thickness to the customized rigid boxes.

We have a different set of materials to offer with different thicknesses. The thickness chart we have is just like you need. It has the measurements that you can need for making a too thin to a too thick box. Hence. You can always count on us.

The materials we suggest you to use are card-stock, eco-Kraft and corrugated. Firstly, card-stock is famous for being an all-purpose material and we use it because it provides durability and thickness to the box. On the contrary, eco-kraft is also a famous material. It is famous because we as a company focus on working for nature too. We know that these makings can harm nature which is why we want you to use this material. It will not only decrease the amount of pollution but will also prevent the earth from any further toxins.

Hence, you can any of these materials. We have an option available for everything so that you can select anything that you like. Also, use any of these materials in the thickness of 14 pt if you have to make a normal box or use a greater one if you need a thicker box for your rigid boxes in bulk.

Furthermore, we clearly understand that shipping is an intense process and it can cause many types of impairments to the products. Hence for keeping your shipments safe we offer the corrugated material to carry out shipping safely. We have been using the corrugated material for shipping purposes since long ago and we can guarantee you that the products will not be damaged to even 1%. So you can trust us and use corrugated material for shipping purposes. Indeed, your shipment will reach safely to its destination and it is our promise.

Customizations Are Your Holy Grails For Sure

A little disclaimer is that customizations are not compulsory; we have them for you just so your box looks even more appealing and eye-pleasing. There is no doubt in the fact that rigid boxes wholesale with pleasant vibes and designs are more likely to be sold. Henceforth, we have with us expert designers who can help you out. You can suggest any of your choices and take suggestion from them too. These customizations are available in a huge variety with so many colourful choices. You have the full right to choose any customization that you like. We know that there can always be a difference of opinion so we consider you as our priority. Therefore, we keep your needs and requirements in our mind before creating a perfect rigid box for you.

Want Radiant Custom Rigid Boxes?

The most vibrant and pleasant customizations are coatings and printing techniques. Beginning with coatings, we have for you two of the most blissful and heart-warming customizations. Namely one is the gloss coating and the other one is matte coating. The gloss coating that we have for you is simply so elegant and eye-catchy. It covers the whole box into a heavenly shining one that no one can be kept from buying. For sure, this coating will boost up your sales because will see the shimmer from a distance and will continue to look up for it and end up buying it.

Nonetheless, the matte coating is not less in any way. There is a simple difference that is of light. Now that we know all the customers come in with different options we try to keep it as appropriate as possible. we obviously want you all to be on your own. The matte coating is different from the gloss coating because it does not shine in the light but the shine is replaced with shimmer and glow. The smooth surface glows because of the neatness and it can probably be the best for your custom rigid packaging.

Luminous Rigid Boxes Are The New Trend Setters

Furthermore, we also know that using only coatings can be a little boring, so we have kept another door open for you. You can choose the printing techniques that we have for you. The purpose of these is to make sure that you can get any type of logos, animations, drawings, illustrations, sticker, decals and photographs printed on the rigid boxes UK as per your choice. Printing methods are of two types that are digital and offset.

The digital printing method is for all our customers who cannot afford to pay huge costs of printing separately so they can use it. Also, offset printing is a bit expensive as compared to digital printing but you can recover the cost by printing all the bundles at the same time

Save Some Bucks By Using Add-Ons

Moreover, it is impossible to not use Add-ons after making a box. The Add-ons that we have for you are purely original and adorable. The purpose of these add-ons is to make sure that you don’t waste your money on fraudulent companies in the market. The variety we offer includes different foiling colours, die-cuts and windows as well as some pretty two in ones.

All of these Add-ons have serves to be very useful in terms of adding to the sale of the products, they help in boosting up the sales of all your products within no time. The vibrancy, warmth, texture, and quality of the box are increased. You will love your rigid boxes packaging after using some pretty Add-ons that we offer.

Why Are Wholesale Boxes Better Than Normal Boxes?

We as a company believe to work for your betterment. So, keep finding out ways to help you out if you are a newbie in the packaging market. For your information, using wholesale rigid boxes is always better than using simple boxes. When you buy wholesale boxes you can save so much money that you cannot save while buying rigid box packaging individually. Hence we suggest you buy custom printed rigid boxes packaging in bundles so that you can have more profit.

We take orders from 100 pieces to as many as you like. You can decide the number of boxes you want and get them customized at affordable rates. Buy wholesale boxes and save more money. Indeed, we do all this for your satisfaction and gratification. Our only aim is to think of our customers as our family and keep their needs in our mind. Visit our website for further queries and order your rigid boxes right now.

Free Delivery For Each One Of You

Free delivery hmm?

Yes, we have free delivery for our entire customer in the United Kingdom we understand that shipping charges can cost so much so we wish to reduce them by offering free shipping. all of our clients in the UK can avail this chance and get their custom rigid boxes without any shipment charges. Although none of our competitors does so, we do it, we do it for you because we don’t want to burden you with so many charges and a bill to pay. Thus, what are you waiting for?

Call us now and book your order before you miss out. Free delivery is open for all of you and you can avail it at any time. All you have to do is to place an order on our website and contact our customer care. The acquaintance will let you know that there are no shipping charges. Order taking begins from 100 pieces of custom printed rigid boxes so visit the website and place your order.

Reasonable Prices For All Our Customers

Also, we know that not every customer comes in with the same budget and mental capacity. We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible. We do it because we understand that money is such a key factor and it needs to be used properly. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about higher prices, we keep it simple and affordable for you. All of this is for you so can be at ease and be at peace. We wish to do every possible thing in our hand to make our customers content and satisfied. Your response means the most to us.

Ask For Porotypes For Your Contentment.

All of our previous customers know that we make sure that we send a sample to all our clients for their satisfaction. So you can also ask for prototypes. These are box samples that will be sent to your through the mail is that you can trust us. We offer three different prototype methods that are 3D mock-up, physical sampling and Flat view. All three of these are for your gratification so you can choose the one that you need.

The flat view is more like a pictorial set of contentment. We email you the pictures of all sides of the box including the die cuts and die lines so you can measure the dimensions. One the other hand 3D sampling is a next-level method. We send you 3d images of the rigid packaging so that you can have a look at them with ease and choose the one you need. Also, we also provide physical sampling. There is no doubt that physical sampling is the best way to have your contentment, in physical sampling we deliver a full-fledged box at your place. You can open the rigid box and assess it all over again and have full surety, once you are done with it you can place your confirmation order with us.

Our Customer Care Staff Is All Yours

With that being said, our customer care staff is actually here for you 24/7. We know how essential they are so we have them here for you. Thankfully, we have responsible and friendly members of the staff who can guide you well without being annoying. You can contact us at any time so that we can answer all your queries and questions within no time. Don’t hesitate to get an answer to your problems. Our staff is here to be at your service and to give you all the answers that you need. You can ask them anything related it to the rigid packaging boxes and can also ask for contacting the designer, they will for sure get the designer to talk to you and understand your wants.

The Cosmetic Boxes Is At Your Service 24/7

A company as a whole has to be representative too and we are here for sorting out any issue that you have. We here to give you guidance about box making and to be reasonable and suitable for you and here for you and your agreement. Our only purpose is to maintain the wellbeing of all our clients and keep their needs intact. Thus, you can always come up to us if you have any issue. We will try our best to give you an immediate response and to solve it as soon as possible. hence, don’t burden yourself if you are new to making a 2 piece rigid box, we are here to guide you. You can always come up to us with all that is in your mind. We will be pleased to be at your service.

Leaving Our Competitors Behind In Every Possible Way:

You clearly know that competition in the market is huge and it is impossible to not compete, hence we have been acing our records and breaking for a long time. With a new initiative, we pass the record of our won. We do it to bring the best for you. Our customers are our family and we love to serve them with quality services. Our purpose is to be our own competitor and beat it with better. Better initiatives better plans and equipment’s, better things for our customers and whatnot. Therefore, thankfully we have been one of the top custom rigid packaging companies in the market for quite a long time and we are proud of it. Our hard work, persistence and effort made us enough capable to be here and make so much for you. We are thankful to all our customers for their constants support and dedication.

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