Tube Packaging

Modern Tube Packaging Solutions to Showcase Your Products

When it comes to presenting your products in elegance and functionality, look no further than our modern tube packaging options. Designed to satisfy the varied requirements of companies in many sectors, our tube packaging provides a stylish and modern method to display your products. Our personalised choices guarantee that your goods stand out on the shelves whether you’re packaging gourmet foods, medications, or cosmetics. Our cardboard tube packaging protects your items during storage and travel while also adding to their visual appeal because to its exact craftsmanship and sturdy materials. Check out our selection right now, and use our creative tube packaging ideas to boost your business.

Best Material Options for Tube Packaging


For a variety of items, our cardboard tube packaging provides a robust and dependable choice. Cardboard tubes are perfect for gifts, cosmetics, and promotional items because they are lightweight and offer great protection.


Our kraft tube packaging made from recycled materials is an environmentally conscious option that works perfectly for companies whose concerns are also on the environment. The eco-friendly boxes which are strong as well good looking are just perfect for being utilized in natural products, candies, and supplements.


If you have problems with choosing a packaging that is both affordable and flexible try to take a closer look at our paper tube packaging option as it can be a perfect fit for you. Paper tubes can serve as an excellent alternative to overweight packaging by allowing for the transportation of small accessories like hair accessories, clothing accessories, candle sticks, and spices.

Different Styles of Tubes Packaging 

The different types of tube packaging that are available at TCB are as follows


To avoid breakage, candles usually come in paper tubes. It will be the case that your sensitive candles will be safely stored in our custom tube candle packaging which will also ensure that they will be safely delivered. Also, we can print on these tubes with a great image, making the logo visible.

Gift Wrap Tubes

Those tubes are convenient to be tied around the presents in complex or irregular shapes. For the simple shelf, we can tie bows, ribbons, and gift wrap as well.


Pasta, cereal, and granola bars are just a few of the foods that can be packaged well with our paper sugar tubes. These can be printed with a whimsical design or the nutritional facts for the item.

Finishing and Coating Techniques for Tube Packaging

Our premium finishing and coating processes for wholesale tube packaging will improve the appearance of your items.

Embossing / Debossing

Adding embossing or debossing to your tube packaging can give it a more substantial and tactile appearance. These methods produce raised or recessed designs that improve your products’ tactile feel and visual appeal.

Hot Stamping / Foiling

Apply foiling or hot stamping to your tube packaging to enhance your brand. Select from a range of matte or metallic finishes to create a striking and opulent impression that draws in customers.

Spot UV / Die Cuts

Add spot UV coating or die cuts to highlight certain sections or make intricate designs on your tube packaging. These methods guarantee that your printed tube packaging sticks out on the shelf by providing accuracy and customisation. 

Why Us:

Choose us for tube packaging knowledge, high-quality materials, and customisable choices matched to your brand’s specific requirements and budget.


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