First of all, we require to make a difference between folding boxes and rigid boxes.

The latter, also known as wall boxes, are robust and do not bend or fold like folding boxes. High-quality packaging solutions are often considering, especially when the value of the product perceives as high. They are also using when the product is heavy inside and needs extra support. The box of an iPhone is an example of a rigid box.

Folding boxes look the same as rigid boxes; they are also considering high-quality packaging for high-quality products. But they are firm in storage and transportation to save space and goods and are easy to assemble into rigid boxes when in use. With personalized logo printing, Folding Boxes are an excellent marketing tool to present your product in the best possible way and improve the image of your brand.


When you make the boxes yourself or by ordering wholesale from the packaging boxes, you may notice different assemblies and shapes. It is due to the folding and cutting of the Custom Folding Boxes. When using those boxes, make sure they are well cut and put together in the right place. All you need for the best packaging box is perfect folds that don’t tear when something is placing and the space giving to keep their product inside. Foldable Packaging Boxes with the correct folding and printing are utilizing for diverse purposes. All you require to do is pick them cleverly.

custom folding packaging boxes


For the best printing of Folding Packaging, it is necessary to know the aim of printing. Different personalized prints have different motifs that need to organize and that require a clear mindset. You can print these colourful folding boxes yourself, and you can come to visit our company to print boxes. We as a team of The Cosmetic Boxes, we have a wide range of colourful folding boxes printed by ourselves. We even edit them in the online software and then print them. Our goal with printing these personalized folding boxes is to notify people about our effort so that they could get new and more. We also sell these folding boxes to diverse retailers. It is the ingenuity of these Custom Folding Packaging Boxes. You can utilize them for more than one use.

For the printing of these folding boxes, we use diverse modern and orthodox printing approaches. All these procedures have exact consequences and demands. Their explanation is as followed:

The primary is the Litho Printing method, also known as Lithographic or offset printing. In this method, we use dual types of colours; oil and water. The astonishing thing is that they together do not mix up. Furthermore, you can grow a better texture and colour result in this technique. Above all, it is highly inexpensive when you do print in wholesale.

The other technique is flexographic printing. In this process, we use different kinds of bio gradable inks. With the assistance of these links, you get a whole Pantone colour variety and all shadows of every colour too.

One more method is digital printing in which we use large printers to print the proposals of these folding packaging boxes. Furthermore, in this method, you acquire CMYK, and PMS equally colours range.


Folding boxes are utilizing for several purposes. But the coloured folding boxes with coloured base and fold according to your requirements increase the irresistibility of these Folding Packaging Boxes UK. Colourful folding boxes are easy because you don’t need pre-printing or any printed paper, you need


With paper for your folding boxes, custom packaging boxes make stationery by printing it correctly with colours. Folding Cardboard Boxes are great for gift boxes, so if you want to get rid of your old obsolete gift wrap and try some inventive ones, go for personalized cardboard boxes. We offer Diverse themes of colours and sizes to ensure that your receiver will remember it for longer. Or he/she can reuse them at the time of need.


The material using for the folding boxes can be white cardboard or carton.

  • The white card has a rougher surface and is stiffer than art paper. It is also using handmade paper bags.
  • Cardboard is a collective name for the heavy paper of various strengths, ranging from a simple one-sheet thick paper setup to complex configurations with multiple wavy and non-wavy layers.
  • Corrugated board, also called a corrugated board or corrugated board, is a combined paper-based material containing corrugated board support and one or two flat cladding panels.


Folding box finishing processes include:

  • Soft Touch Lamination: In printing, the term “soft touch” is often using as a general reference to any finishing method that adds a feeling of velvety softness to print materials. Unlike most design elements that appeal to eyesight, a soft-touch finish allows a printed piece to stand out by stimulating the sense of touch.
  • Varnish: A transparent layer of oil applying to protect the ink on the paper. The lacquer makes the product more durable and offers a degree of protection against water or grease. It can be either matte or glossy.
  • UV spot: This process uses ultraviolet light to dry the varnish on wet paper. This varnish can be applied to plain white card stock but is often applying to coat products with colour printing paper, seal their colour, add gloss and protect the printed surface from moisture and other types of damage.
  • Hot foil: It is put on to the paper to obtain a metal stamping effect.
  • Embossing: It applies pressure to the back of the article or cardboard to change the surface, giving it a three-dimensional or raised effect.
  • Debossing: embossing is the opposite of embossing. It applies pressure to the front of the paper or cardboard, pushing the material down, compressing the material and leaving a depressed (hollow) impression of the image on the paper.

wholesale folding packaging boxes


There are two ways to make a box: one is punched and the second is glueing. Both methods are using for Wholesale Custom Folding Boxes. With the die-cut process, the box can be easily folded. All you have to do is do small business. Next, glue is using in adhesives to assemble the boxes, and these boxes are already in the form of assemblies. You must carefully place these boxes during shipping as they are easily damaged. Conversely, die-cut boxes can be transferred from one place to another without damaging the tension.


Our experienced and easily managed team always handles tasks with full responsibility and attention. We not only produce your special folding box but also help in designing and promoting your business.

Our primary and foremost aim is to satisfy our customers by giving them everything they ask for about Custom Folding Boxes Wholesale. We have formed a full staff that will receive all demands and complaints from customers. We also decide to send these custom retail packaging boxes for free. This delivery person is said to be door-to-door delivery.