The importance of display packaging boxes for product presentation cannot be underestimated. This is why these boxes act as the very face of your product on display on retail shelves and create an image that can have a great impact on consumer selection. In the display packaging boxes, potential customers are drawn to your product by its bright colors and proper arrangement.

One significant characteristic that makes custom retail display boxes unique is the visibility of the brand. When carefully created, these boxes can represent your brand identity, values, and the uniqueness of your product. By using bright colors, attractive graphics, and unique structural designs your product will definitely be visible in a competitive retail market.

Furthermore, the resilience and strength of display packaging boxes are such that they keep your products protected during transportation as well as on shop shelves. This also leads to better customer satisfaction and causes less physical damage, which lowers losses for both the retailer as well as the consumer.

What Is Display Packaging?

It might make you ask a question, what is display packaging? It is the design of product displays, used typically in retail settings such as supermarkets or stores that concentrate on visual presentation to draw attention towards products.

Display Packaging Boxes UK

In addition to traditional packaging, display packing encompasses features that draw consumers’ attention so that they can have an enjoyable visual experience. These packaging solutions are designed very creatively using bright colours, attractive graphics, and catchy sales messages so that customers can be tempted to purchase products.

Types of Custom Display Boxes and Their Functions

A significant asset in your presenting toolset is the cosmetic display box. All display boxes are unique, either in form or purpose. Here is a brief overview of some popular types of retail display boxes and the best ways to use them.

Counter Top Displays (Point-of-Purchase Displays)

These point-of-purchase displays are small enough to be placed on the counters or checkouts, attracting customers’ attention and contributing towards an improvement in impulse buying.

Cardboard Displays

Cardboard displays are generally the most diverse types of display boxes. They are cost-effective to produce, therefore making them a choice for short-term promotions and they can be printed with any design of your choosing. In a lot of cases, cardboard display boxes wholesale are used as temporary shelf dividers or endcaps in retail stores. For those looking for an affordable way to promote their brand, cardboard displays are always a great choice.

Floor Displays

Floor product display boxes are bigger than the majority of other types of showcase boxes making them perfect for products that need to be as visible as possible. In food retailing, they are commonly used in supermarkets and other large shops to highlight special seasonal items or the launch of new products. Floor displays should be sturdy and well-made so that they don’t slide away easily. If you’re thinking of having a floor display, ensure to check on its capacity before employing it.

Attractive Printing for Displays Packaging Boxes

The important thing is printing the display packaging boxes. The superior quality of printing ensures to have a magical impression on boxes. The attractive containers are made from elegant designs that have been printed in a beautiful way. It is typically PMS or CMYK printing that boxes get printed. These two work perfectly in giving a magnificent glam to the designs. The poor-quality ink print creates a bad impression. It may cause the boxes to lose their color, thus making them appear drab or lifeless.

With the help of good quality ink, it can be possible for business owners to get and maintain an ideal quantity of custom-printed display boxes in their inventory. The printing can be in any solid color, or it may have glitzy graphic designs. Let the template of digital design be shared with a printing company and grab it as same.


In conclusion, TCB’s dedication to offering premium display boxes wholesale demonstrates their awareness of the critical function that these boxes play in the presentation of products. Through our emphasis on improving brand visibility, guaranteeing product durability during transit, and providing a wide selection of bespoke display boxes, we enable businesses to leave a lasting impression in the cutthroat retail environment. The focus on exquisite printing is a reflection of TCB’s commitment to providing their customers with packaging solutions that are memorable and aesthetically pleasing.