When it comes to displaying your eyeliner goods, packaging is crucial in drawing clients and leaving a lasting impression. Our bespoke eyeliner box packaging options are expertly designed to provide your goods a whole new level of refinement and appeal. Our packaging, which is made with great care and attention to detail, is not only an effective marketing tool but also a protective shield for your eyeliners. Our quality bespoke eyeliner packaging in the UK guarantees that your items stand out on the shelf and entice buyers with their irresistible beauty. Designs range from elegant and minimalist to vivid and eye-catching.

Excellent Materials for Packaging Eyeliner Boxes”

We provide unique custom solutions that will give your brand the wow factor it deserves. This leaves a lasting impression on customers and guarantees that they will remember your products. The most alluring aspect is that TCB employees work with robust and long-lasting materials that can readily support large loads and other outside influences. Top-notch environmentally friendly materials such as Kraft, cardboard, paper board, bux board, and corrugated cardboard are used by us.

We use the kind of materials that best suit the product or the customer’s demand. Additionally, the inks used to print these boxes are environmentally friendly. Our main goal is to create cardboard Eyeliner boxes that will catch customers’ attention right away. They also have a lovely appearance because of the usage of alluring colours and layouts. These boxes can be ordered by customers in whatever shape, size, colour, or pattern they choose. All they have to do is give us broad instructions, and we’ll make the package exactly according to their requirements.

Custom Eyeliner Boxes UK

Add-Ons Selection for Eyeliner Packaging Boxes

When it comes to eyeliner boxes, including accessories is always a good idea. Spot UV, embossing, debossing, and many more options are available from us. For added customisation, you can choose to add die cutting, embossing, debossing, or PVC window cutting to your box. The company insignia is carved and engraved using an embossing technique. Meanwhile, books and other such features are imprinted via debossing. Spot UV accents give an appearance of sparkling while preserving the matte finish.

Coating Selections

We offer matte, glossy, and stain-coating finishes, among others. The matte texture that covers your custom-printed eyeliner boxes from end to end gives them a rustic charm. The shiny finish exudes elegance. Not to be overlooked is a Satin finish, which shines lies halfway between Matte and Gloss.

Color Scheme Models

An eyeliner package that is dramatic and full of life can be achieved by making your Custom Eyeliner Packaging colourful. We provide the popular CMYK and PMS colour models, each of which has advantages. The latter has incredible colour schemes that allow for full colour, while the former is more cost-effective.


To sum up, our custom Eyeliner Boxes UK packaging options are carefully crafted to entice clients and enhance the visibility of your company. Our packaging promises to safeguard your products and make a lasting impression by emphasising high-quality materials, environmentally sustainable processes, and customisable alternatives.