TheCosmeticBoxes – UK is a really popular packaging company. However, it is a UK based company. Moreover, we manufacture good packaging according to your required imaginations. However, we at TheCosmeticBoxes create awesome packaging. We can design your boxes enticingly.

Moreover, our design boxes are designed by following all great parameters. Hence, we always come up with nice additions to make your packaging look extraordinary. Furthermore, we offer custom printed E liquid boxes at reasonable prices.

The printed boxes are in trend nowadays. Do you know what is E-liquid or Vape juice? It is a flavour used in smoking or vapouring. People love nice packaging.

However, that is why a lot of companies come into existence to meet the growing demand. Moreover, these liquids come in assorted flavours which require special packaging for each of them.

Printed E Liquid Boxes

We make boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The colour selection is always vibrant and exotic to catch the onlooker’s attention.

Moreover, the best part of our company is that clients are given comfortable space where they can make decisions themselves.

Design e liquids boxes fabulously. Learn about printed e liquid boxes by reading this read blog post till the end.

Grab Enticing Material for your E Liquids Boxes

There is a great impact on the selection of material for your custom boxes. You can encase your materials in the custom boxes nicely.

custom e liquid boxes

However, you have a great option to select the e liquid packaging materials on your own choice. We at TheCosmeticBoxes offers a great range of materials. However, the materials which are famous are as follows:

Card Stock Material

The card stock has heavy consistency, then kraft material, and lighter than other materials. However, you can use card stock as a high-grade option for packing the e liquid in a great way.

Kraft Material

The kraft is an eco-friendly material, and it does not cause harm to the environment. Moreover, it is recyclable and biodegradable material. Always try to choose eco-friendly material for your boxes. However, they keep the environment clean and nice.

Corrugated Material

The corrugated material is thicker than cardstock and kraft material. However, it is the best kind of material for international shipments. This material consists of flutes and two flat linerboards. However, you can customize the composition to makes it sturdy or lighter.

Rigid Material

The rigid material is the thickest material. However, the rigid material’s minimum thickness is about 32pt. Moreover, it is the best material to transport sensitive products. You can choose the material according to your choice.

Give a Nice Opening to E liquid’s Boxes.

The E liquid boxes are printed according to the client’s demands. However, you can print information and images on the custom e liquid packaging. However, the glamorous packaging compels people to buy more products.

custom printed e liquid boxes

You can clear-cut the window as it is also engraved for the target audience to have a look at the item inside. Moreover, you can avail of a water-resistant film on the top of the box. Additionally, you can print all the necessary information regarding the product, the company’s name, logo, and unique phrases, ingredients, etc.

Following are some of the famous designs along with many other options which our company offer:

Tuck-end Box

You can avail tuck end boxes in three types, namely, straight-end, auto-lock bottom, and reverse-end boxes. However, each type has its speciality and function. You are free to choose any type you want; we make it in the best possible way for you.

Sleeve Box

The designers and experts available in our country create fabulous designs for sleeve boxes. However, you can print the brand’s logo or mentioning E Liquid’s features on it. However, like this, you create a unique packaging in a wonderful way.

Display Box

You can showcase your e liquids in a retail shop, convenience store, or mall with the help of the display box. However, the artistic display boxes designs compel the customers towards your product.

Gable Box

The gable box is the box with handles. You can use this as a gifting E Liquid box. However, you can grab this as a gift box for your friends and family.

Inscribe Printing Graphics over the E Liquids Boxes

You have full choice to print various artwork on the boxes to make them eye-catching. However, you can inscribe colourful patterns. However, like this, the packaging looks unique. You can customize your boxes with textures as well.

Additionally, there are such great techniques which you can use, such as embossing and debossing. You can emboss UV spot, foiling, and stickers on the boxes as well.

e liquid packaging

However, you can inscribe the company’s logo and printing textures. It looks eye-captivating. You have a great option to draw out your designs beautifully on the boxes to make them look awesome.

Moreover, you can print anything on the e liquid’s box; for example, you can print on graphical prints, quotes, ingredients, etc.

For having more Boxes avail Wholesale Option

We at TheCosmeticBoxes offers all the great packaging and designing of the boxes at wholesale rates.

Moreover, the good packaging not only increases the selling rate of your product but also increases the target audience’s demand.

e liquid boxes wholesale

In this way, your company/brand name is promoted. However, it is our foremost quality to give proficient and cost-effective boxes. We ship and deliver boxes always on time.

You can Apply Coatings on the Boxes.

custom e liquid packagingCoating is the core of the printing and packaging of the product’s box. However, it protects from the minor external damages.

Moreover, it offers the following coating types. However, you have the following coatings from which you can select:

Gloss Coating

Gloss coating gives smooth purpose to the box. Moreover, this glossy surface shines in the sunlight. This coating adds a glamour to your packaging.

Matte Coating

The matte coating does not have shine in the sunlight like a gloss surface. This coating gives a dull appearance. However, you can grab this coating to give a decent appearance to the boxes.

Choose Our Desirable Services

We at TheCosmeticBoxes offers the best E liquid packaging UK. You can avail our services to encase your boxes in nice enticing packaging.

E Liquid Boxes

Our company designers are experts in understanding your artwork. However, place your order today and grab the custom printed boxes at reasonable prices today.