TheCosmeticBoxes is one of the famous packaging company in the world. However, it is a UK based company. We at TheCosmeticBoxes manufacture good packaging boxes according to your desired imaginations.

However, we at TheCosmeticBoxes create awesome packaging—experts in our company design packaging boxes beautifully.

Moreover, we manufacture our custom boxes by following great parameters. Hence, we always come up with nice additions to make your packaging look wonderful. We offer enticing vape cartridge boxes UK for encasing your vape pens.

Vape market is growing rapidly because of the legalization of marijuana & cannabis in many states. However, the rapid growth means more & tough competition.

custom printed vape cartridge boxes

Thus, every vape company is trying to uplift its reputation by packing its products in customized packaging. However, customization is not easy for everyone. Hence, it includes many elements such as box sizes, opening and closing styles, shapes, colour schemes, printing and add-ons.

However, only an experienced box manufacturing company is perfect for catering to all these specific aspects. However, our packaging company is one of the most experienced box manufacturing company in the UK.

The design experts know the importance of every single aspect during the process of customization. We at TheCosmeticBoxes offer unlimited customization options to our customers.

However, that include trendy styles, unique shapes, flashy artworks, high-quality materials, striking finishes and decorative embellishments.

However, we provide complete control to our clients but don’t leave them alone in this technical process.

Grab Trendy Styles for Your Custom Vape Boxes

Grab custom vape cartridge packaging box made with unique & trendy styles. However, it is not a simple task at all because every company has no such expertise to design a visionary box.

However, our company ensure to design attractive vape box packaging.

Select an opening & closing you want for your custom vape boxes. We have all the skills and expertise to transform your box design ideas into reality.

Hence, don’t worry, if you have no style or design idea in mind, we can do it for you. However, we offer a wide range of style options to choose from for your boxes.

The drawer style boxes are perfect to twin with gift vape cartridges because they generate a great perceived value in customer’s minds. However, slide out the inside tray out of the cover and take vape cartridge out of it.

Our skilled production team is specialized in manufacturing vape boxes in a two-piece style. However, it gives your pre-loaded vape oil cartridges a luxury appearance and turn them into a valuable gift item.

cardboard packaging for vape cartridges

Moreover, you can design custom eco friendly vape cartridge boxes UK with a flip top that burst an energetic feel in vape lovers. It boosts their confidence while using vape cartridges in public gatherings.

Furthermore, you can grab tuck ends custom printed vape cartridge packaging box as it is perfect for presenting your vape cartridges in simple & sleek manners.

By the help of custom packaging, you are free to showcase your vape cartridges in tradeshows, promotional events, cash counters & sales campaigns more enticingly.

Make your Boxes Look Appealing

Our company is expert in manufacturing such custom vape cartridge display boxes that grab the attention of the audience positively. However, dazzle the eyes of customers at first sight by selecting our beautifully designed boxes. Moreover, grab sleeves and trays to take your product presentation to another level.

Moreover, the structural designers of our company are well-trained to cater to every requirement of our clients. Hence, we utilize hi-tech die-cutting machinery to design custom vape boxes nicely.

vape cartridge boxes wholesale

So, whatever the issues are, we ensure that your, empty vape cartridge packaging will be designed as per your required style without any error or ambiguity.

Moreover, we offer the latest die-cutting techniques, glueing, wrapping methods and state of the art printing machinery.

However, our production team create enticing vape packaging. It not only suits the product specifications but also beautify the overall appearance of vape boxes.

Add Printing Options on Vape Boxes

You are free to avail printing options on the vape boxes to make them eye-captivating. However, you can inscribe colourful patterns to make them stand out alluring.

Hence, like this, the vape packaging looks fabulous. Moreover, you are free to customize your boxes by adding textures nicely.

Furthermore, we offer great techniques which you can use, such as embossing and debossing. However, inscribe UV spot, foiling, stickers, textures on the vape boxes to catch the eyes of customers.

Moreover, the essential element is to imprint the company’s logo. However, it creates a great uniqueness from other brands and looks eye-captivating.

vape cartridge packaging uk

In order to convey your designs, just sketch out your designs beautifully on the boxes to make them look awesome.

Moreover, you can print anything on the vape packaging to make the customer to remember your brand positively.

You can Apply Coatings on the Boxes.

Coating is the most significant step in manufacturing boxes. However, it ensures to protect your box from the minor external damages and to keep its printing safe.

Moreover, we offer the following coating types. However, you can select according to your requirements.

Gloss Coating

Gloss coating provides shiny appearance on the vape box. Moreover, by opting gloss coating, it will make your vape boxes surface shine in the sunlight. However, this coating adds a luminosity to the boxes.

Matte Coating

The matte coating gives a very satin and decent coverage to the vape box. However, it does not have shine in its texture. You can coat your vape boxes with a matte coating to make them look elegant.

Choose Our Desirable Services

custom vape cartridge packaging box

We at TheCosmeticBoxes – UK offers the best vape packaging boxes for encasing your vape pens. However, design & personalize your own vape cartridge boxes now to get ahead of your competitors and capture a big piece of market share.

Furthermore, you can order boxes quantity according to your need. However, it starts from 100 units, so you remain safe from hassles of saving extra boxes.

You can also place your order in wholesale quantity, and we can provide you with all the services at wholesale cost to reduce your cost.

So, get ready and place your order now by calling us today.