TheCosmeticBoxes is a famous packaging company. However, it is a UK based company. Moreover, we manufacture good packaging boxes according to your choice.

However, we at TheCosmeticBoxes offer superb design boxes. From our company, you can have the most outclass boxes which will enhance your sales amazingly.

Moreover, our design boxes are made on great parameters. Hence, we always come up with nice additions to make your packaging look extraordinary. So, grab retail packaging Boxes UK now.

custom retail packaging Boxes

We offer awesome retail packaging for your retail products. You can grab nice retail boxes for your retail products. However, you can grab wholesale packaging as well. It is a form of bulk packaging used primarily for shipping to a distributor who will open the box.

Moreover, bulk boxes can hold many retail products at a time. However, you can also encase them together in less quantities for local distribution.

The retail packaging boxes come in many sizes, from small oil boxes to large two-piece containers. However, these boxes are suitable for any occasion as well.

Moreover, all our high-quality boxes are available in a range of sizes and fit perfectly with similar retail bags and other accessories.

Hence, it is easy to put together a full coordinating packaging program. Moreover, the retail boxes protect and help build a positive customer image for your retail establishment.

Adopt our nice packaging styles and add a great depth of colour on your retail boxes. Following are some of the ways which you can adopt to enhance your retail packaging.

Select a Nice Material for Your Retail Boxes

You are free to hire a nice material for your retail boxes. However, the material is the core of the packaging so, select a fabulous material for your packaging.

We at TheCosmeticBoxes offer cheap retail packaging, which is affordable for every brand. Moreover, we care for the environment. So, we offer sustainable product materials. Moreover, you can use various materials such as cardboard of the best quality to create custom retail boxes.

retail packaging Boxes

However, you have an open choice to select the latest material for your retail products. Moreover, you can adopt the latest eco-boxes option. By this option, you can make your boxes look fabulous.

Following are some of the good options which we offer:

Eco-Friendly Kraft Material

The Kraft boxes are eco-friendly and biodegradable. However, you can grab the kraft material boxes as the best sustainable option.

The kraft is an eco-material for your packaging. Hence you can encase various retail products inside the box.

For instance, you can put macarons, biscuits, cosmetics, etc. in the retail boxes. However, this material is best for local shipment but not for the international shipment.

Card Stock Box Material

The card stock material is heavier than kraft boxes. However, it has a very nice appearance. Moreover, cardstock is lightweight and transported easily.

Hence, cardstock makes the retail packaging look very enticing and attractive. This material adopts colour very sharply and smoothly.

However, you are free to convey your idea to the packaging company for efficient adaptation of the boxes. Moreover, this material is also preferable for the local shipment.

Corrugated Box Material

The corrugated box material is thicker than the kraft and cardstock material. However, it suits the wholesale packaging as well.

However, the corrugated box type ensures more safety of the boxes and keeps the product totally breakage free while transporting internationally.

Moreover, this box is the most preferable for the international shipping services. Customize retail packaging according to your choice.

Our company offer full customization options. You can alter the size of the corrugated sheet. Following are some thickness options which you can grab:


A Flute thickness with 5mm

B Flute thickness with 3mm

C Flute thickness with 4mm

E Flute thickness with 1.5mm

F Flute thickness with 0.6mm


Hence, you can select according to your product and shipping requirement.

Rigid Retail Material

The rigid material boxes are the most elegant boxes. However, grab the material which you can select for the products.

However, the rigid material is good for luxurious and gift packaging more. Hence, it is a good material box.

You have the choice to encase any type of product in the rigid box. However, you can encase spa products, other cosmetics, beverages, chocolates, macarons, or any other products.

However, you can encase the products nicely. This rigid box keeps the products safer.

Add Enticing Graphics on Your Boxes

Add design on your boxes to make them look fabulous. However, putting on the design on the boxes is the core step of box customization.

Moreover, the colour will add a beautiful attraction to your packaging in a fabulous way. So, add nice features on the boxes.

wholesale retail boxes

However, you can add UV spot, metallic foiling, embossing and debossing on the boxes.

Furthermore, you can imprint nice artwork on the retail packaging.

However, you can emboss your brand’s logo, an attractive marketing message, and why not the products specifications and usage as well.

Moreover, the custom printed retail boxes will make customers to buy your products more.

Require More Boxes? Avail of Wholesale Option

If you want to purchase more boxes, then avail wholesale boxes. Wholesale is a cost-effective way to achieve your goals.

However, you can grab wholesale boxes on budget-friendly rates. Moreover; you can avail retail display boxes as well at wholesale rate.

retail packaging Boxes

However, our company offer wholesale, retail packaging at special discounts. Furthermore, you can grab awesome designed boxes.

Why Choose Our Company?

Because we are professionals to make your retail packaging look appealing and eye-catching, however, it will assist you in more sales.

Moreover, our packaging will make your brand stand out great in the market. However, our customized boxes are eco-friendly and affordable.

printed retail packaging Boxes

Hence, your retail product vape cartridge packaging will remain breakage-free. Moreover, our boxes will enhance the shelf life of your products.

Furthermore, to the above-provided specifications, our company is here to help you with more detail information. So, make your final decision! You are free to contact our company for any further issues.