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Anyway, let us move to the point and shed more light to the main point. What is a Corrugated Box? How much thickness does each level contain? What are the benefits of using them? How are these boxes different from Cardboard material? What are the materials required to make a corrugated carton?

And then we will move on to some of the burning questions like what are the packaging companies doing wrong with Corrugated boxes and how can you keep up with the latest trends using our helpful techniques.

So, what is with all the wait? Let’s begin and get our creative juices flowing.

Origin of Corrugated Boxes in the Packaging Industry – An Overview:

Origin of Corrugation. Hmm! Interesting.

Just like Charles Babbage was the father of the computer, Albert Jones was the father of Corrugated Board.

Although it was not called ‘Corrugated’, but it was the first commercial paperboard. Albert Jones used them to wrap glass products and bottles. All of it happened in the year 1817. By the early 1900s, boxes and wooden crates were replaced by corrugated boxes.

As of today, 95% of all products in the UK are delivered and shipped in corrugated boxes.

Thickness Levels Among Corrugated Boxes:

Several flutes comprise different thickness levels:

  • A flute. (5mm)
  • B flute. (3mm)
  • C flute. (4mm)
  • E flute. (1.5mm)
  • F flute and other flute sizes. (0.6mm)

custom corrugated boxes

Each box presents and preserves a certain kind of strength. For instance, A-flutes are the strongest. Usually, people use A-flute corrugation for shipping purposes and E-flutes for the default ones (light-weight cosmetic items).

Benefits of Using Corrugation in your Packaging:

  • The Environment-Friendly Case:

Corrugated Boxes are made from a sustainable and renewable resource. They are made from corrugated board, which does not create toxic waste, and they are easily recyclable and produced from sustainable resources and recycled paper.

  • Economic Essentials

Corrugated boxes are delivering lighter, tougher, and packaging that eliminates secondary materials. Digital printing for consumer-facing applications helps make a compelling case for using corrugated packaging.

  • The Need for Sterility

Packaging materials must meet a range of regulatory requirements. Sometimes, packaging will come across a point which will need eco-friendly packaging. That is, your packaging should be eco-friendly and brings no harm to the food that is preserved inside.

Materials Required to Make a Corrugated Box:

There are three basic components which are required to make a Corrugated Box. Those are:

  • Flute Materials: Fluting medium, basically, is a one-ply sheet that enjoins two boards. As discussed above, A flute is the largest size, C flute is the second largest, B flute is the third largest, E flute is the fourth-largest, and F flute comes at the end.

graph of corrugated boxes uk

  • Adhesives: Unable to stand at high moisture levels, Adhesives used a starch-based adhesive. Due to high moisture levels and wet conditions, corrugated packaging boxes may lose their compression strength by a mammoth percentage of 50% to 90%.

However, Adhesives that are not prone to water are more expensive than the standard versions.

  • Liner: The liners or facing materials are composed of a Kraft Paper which contains a high proportion of fibres and recycled papers. It goes through a series of steps until we achieve the end product.

What is the Difference Between Corrugated and Cardboard Packaging?

There is not much difference between the two. Cardboard packaging typically refers to a heavy paper-pulp. If you ever had the experience of going through cereal boxes, you would have noticed that there is not much thickness in it. Just enough of it to preserve its aroma and freshness.

It would be an imbecile act to compare the two of them. Corrugated Boxes in its entirety have always served as shipping boxes. Made up from three different materials and processes, Corrugated Boxes are preferred for shipping purposes because they:

  • Are durable.
  • Are light in weight.
  • Provide protection to your product.
  • Ship your fragile products safely.
  • Are cost-effective.
  • Are Eco-Friendly.

The Difference? As explained above, there is a plethora of difference between both materials. Each possesses its pros and cons, but it does not mean that one material outweighs another. The balance should be intact and fairly even.

What Seems to Be the Problem Currently?

The problem with current packaging is that a lot of companies have set a marginal and mediocre standard. A lot of scotch tape and dull colours amount to numerable sales.

Why not set a high standard? Why not strive for something unimaginable? Let’s move on to the next topic and discuss how you can bring new ideas and more sales to your product packaging.

How to Keep up with the Latest Packaging Trends:

Last but not least, keeping up with the latest packaging trends is one of the most tedious and entertaining tasks at the same time.

You can hook your customers by staying updated with the latest trends.

Hmm. What do we mean by that?

Let us clue you in. For instance, if you want your packaging to rise above others, you need to follow the trends.

Be it Kylie’s recent Birthday Edition makeup box, or a box relevant to Avengers’ newest movie, you can customize your custom boxes according to the recent marketing strategies.

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