In this article, the thing to be discussed is ‘Product packaging design and boxes’. More it will let you know about some major important question which can click in your mind at the time when someone ask you or if you want to make one for your product or brand if you are a wholesale or retail dealer.

What is product packaging?

When it comes to an object called ‘Packaging’ there must be a noun that exists in relation to get packed and that noun is a ‘Product’ (it could be any physical thing in the world). Package or Packaging is very essential in terms of keeping anything safe, organized and well-oriented. For example; your edibles, be your gifting something to someone, households, your notebooks and anything that is important which needs to be packed!

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Product packaging refers to the creation of product appearance. This includes the choice of materials and designs, as well as graphics, colors, and fonts for packaging, boxes, cans, bottles or any kind of container. The packaging is a practical tool, yes. (I mean, how else do you plan to effectively eat marshmallow into your mouth?) But that’s more than that. Like any good design, packaging can tell its own story. It’s also a sensory experience that literally draws us with the sight, touch and sound (and possibly smell and taste, depending on the product and its packaging). All these details help us understand the purpose of accompanying the product, how it should be used, who should use it, and most importantly, whether it should be purchased. In relation to provide information like a guide about product packaging, it could be more like your packaging should tell the story you want.

Before you go for the packaging solution for your any kind of product, ask yourself some crucial questions in regard to:

  • For which thing/product you are going to have a package for
  • How’s packaging done? Process.
  • Collection of relevant information
  • Inquire about the companies/dealers who are doing packaging for the customers

First and foremost, this is a very main not a tricky question because you know your product well and it can be a,

  • Household object,
  • Grocery,
  • Utensil,
  • Eatable, drink, fruit, etc
  • Stationary,
  • Appliances and many more that could be fit into the situation.

The second question is how does the packaging do – the process through which it happens.

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Once you have collected the above information and made a mind to get your product pack. Now it’s time to make a mind that how this packaging done in steps? It’s on you how you use to tell the story of the product your offering to your customers. The steps involve packaging are:

Layers of the packaging

Product packaging is divided into three layers: outer packaging, inner packaging, and product packaging. Your product may require one or all of these three for its better looking and not just looking its selling as well.

Choose the right type of packaging for your brand

The second and a tricky question about packaging is to make the right choice to pick for your brand. Choosing between a box and a bottle is sometimes easy. But sometimes it’s not as useful as it seems. When choosing the right type of packaging for your product, consider the following:

The product:

Thing always comes back here. If you sell liquid goods, that will limit your options. (Although don’t let this wreck your creativity. Look at the templates of design or take an idea from different manufacturers e.g. the juice box by industry by making a juice pouch they shift they are packaged. Maybe it could be useful for them but may not for you.

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The competition

What everyone else’ is using to promote their product is the essential thing to keep in mind before going for packaging because it could provide you with ideas and a way forward to pick one for your product. In the market, every second dealer is in competition and trying to be on edge like they should. So, keeping your product in view you should analyze before ordering.

More for less

The other factor about buying even if it’s a packaging box you must consider you finance you have to do for it. There are several companies that do offer good product boxes at low prices that could be a plus point for your budget.

What to be drawn on?

You don’t need to print until the design is complete. But you should think about it before entering this process. Connecting to a printer not only ensures you stable printing costs but also gives you specific information to help your designers prepare documents. Always go for a precise pattern and drawing for the product packaging box which should look for the first and must have.

Think about the description of your product which you think your customers need to know for the best-sale of your product in the market.

Think back to those few questions, especially what is your product and who is buying and where they find it. You will use it to create an information architecture for your package. You may have beautiful photos of your products in action, great customer recommendations, famous slogans or quotes that illustrate your outstanding performance, and beautiful graphics showing how customers use your products. But when shoppers look at your packaging, they may only think of one thing. What do you want to be? And what are you offering inside? Choose the absolutely most important thing you want your customers to know about your product. That should be the core of your design.

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Then, when they pick up your product (or click on your link), you can add 2-3 photos to display to complete the transaction.

Make a check on your package design

After the packaging, labeling, architecting and your desired design has been done. Go for a final evaluation of the product’s packaging from your company’s CEO, managerial staff, employees, stockholders, and workers even because they all are somewhere involved in manufacturing/making of the product.

Ask them about the product if it’s clear and visible inside the packaging. Is the way of representing your product is equivalent? The design of the packaging has been made effectively? The color scheme that has been decided is enough relevant. How will this package be look in stores, do people will like to buy it on first seeing or by reading the details that have been printed on it.

Go for feedback

Feedback has always proven a successful thing. It plays a great role in taking people’s views about the subject and helps a lot in almost every way in the future. It’s like research.

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Inquire about the companies/dealers who are doing packaging for the customers

After setting your mind for a product’s packaging it’s time to select the best company for the desired purpose. Make a list of the nearby manufacturers, check their brand’s review, and take a survey of their page, read their policy and prices as well. The packaging is no more wasteful as thousands of online dealers are available on the internet. All you need to go to the best one.