When we talk about the latest packaging ideas the first thing to come to our mind is the shape of the box packaging. All and sundry need a shape that is an ideal and innovative presentation of the packaging. In this regard, custom pillow box packaging contains the following characteristics. However, all these features of the pillow box packaging make it a favorite of the customers.

  • These boxes are the most attractive.
  • Also, it is easy to assemble pillow boxes.
  • These packaging solutions are also durable.
  • It is quite easy to recyclable pillow boxes made from cardboard, corrugation, and Kraft.
  • These boxes are also available in eco-friendly material
  • And it is one of the popular way of packaging products.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, the custom pillow boxes are available in different sizes, shades, with full-color printing and also with decorative options that are ideal for small gifts. We can use these boxes for all types of products from food items to nonfood items, jewelry, cosmetics, soap, etc. The smart-look, attractive design and surface finishing of pillow box packaging increase its need as a packaging solution around the world.

custom pillow box

The following are some unique and groundbreaking types of pillow boxes.

  • Pillow boxes with window
  • With handle
  • Kraft paper pillow style boxes
  • Gift pillow boxes

Pillow boxes with a window that provide a clear view of the products:

Window cut on pillow boxes it comes in the category of transparent packaging. This innovative die-cut of shapes adds more beauty and grace to the item that is packed inside. It is also an option for the customers that they can personalize the boxes with their Box by Industry,brand name, product name, logo, images, and graphics. These boxes can be made in various color schemes that intensify the alluring and stylish outlook of the packaging. The window as the name depicts when placed on pillow boxes makes the product visible from inside the box, and the customer mostly likes this packaging. When you order pillow boxes for using in the events you can print different graphic information on the boxes according to the event such as wedding invitations, home parties and anniversaries.

Pillow boxes with the handle that endow the opportunity of easy handling:

Handle pillow boxes are new and innovative pillow box style in the market. Handle on the pillow boxes are beneficial for the customers to hold box easily. Easy carrying due to handles of the pillow boxes makes the customers satisfied and this would also increase their demand in the market. The requirement of handle pillow boxes due to the ease of handling the product is increasing day by day. However, the Custom option for the handle pillow boxes is also available. These options entail different sizes, shapes, and colors for the boxes. You can use small size boxes for small stuff such as chocolate and candies. addition to this you can customized the boxes with personalized printing and unlimited decorative designs are also available in handle pillow box style. The touch of glossy color, images, and pictorial representation of the information on the pillow boxes UK make a luxurious look of your products.

Kraft paper pillow style boxes for eco-friendly packaging:

Kraft pillow-shaped boxes are a very popular style for eco-friendly packaging. It is made from natural Kraft paper which is eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable. However, Kraft pillow boxes are also used to pack gifts. you can use these pillow gift boxes for small products, small gifts such as favor boxes for the packaging of gifts and favors on different occasions such as wedding ceremony, birthday party, chrisms party, small party and anniversaries. Kraft pillow boxes are good for the environment and they are also able to meet your packaging needs and increase your product image. You can use the customize printing on boxes to print your information. Different typographic option enhances the beautification of the pillow boxes. These printing options look nice on Kraft paper. So, if you want to print wishes and product information on the Kraft pillow boxes these printing options are suitable for you.

wholesale pillow boxes

Gift pillow boxes to amuse the gift receivers:

All and one demand to deliver their gifts and favors in a presentable way. this would surely amuse the gift receivers and create a remunerable impression of your gifts. But to do so it is required to pack the gift in a distinctive and stinking package. So, to provide the marvelous packaging to the gifts packagers presents the pillow gift boxes. These boxes are decorated with the glitters, bows, flowers, ribbon, pearls, and beads on as per the taste of the customers. Therefore, all the peoples who are in search of appealing packaging boxes for their gifts these are one of the most popular as well as the recommended packaging style. Add to this different finishing options that include:

  • Metallic tones
  • Alluring texture
  • Magnificent printing
  • Layering and laminations
  • Labeling

All the above and other liked are offered to the customer to make their gifts more competitive and out of the crowd for the customers.