Do you really want to package your hair extensions in style? If yes, then check out fantastic custom foldable hair extensions boxes right now. These boxes are designed to keep the hair extension safe. You can easily customise these boxes with your logo and brand name. If you really want to set your brand apart from the competitors, then showcase them in these arti9stically designed boxes. Furthermore, your extension will also remain safe during the shipment.

These boxes are excellent for spas and salons owners. They can catch customers attention by displaying extensions in them. Besides, they give a very professional look as well. People always like creativity, and what can be more better than these boxes.

If you don’t have any idea about the customisation of your extensions, then you can get in contact with any packaging company in the United Kingdom. They will give some fantastic ideas to leave an impression on customers with stunning boxes. You can also get different colours, materials and printing options.

Excellent To Increase The ROI Of Your Business

If you are a retailer, then you must want to boost your sales volume. However, it is not possible with the help of ordinary packaging. In today’s world, you have to be creative. Otherwise, you will be left behind. You can easily use pillow hair extension boxes to display your extensions as a retailer. These boxes are available with detachable flaps. All you need to do is just hang them on the wall, and onlookers can easily notice them.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the safety of extensions. They will remain safe during shipment, delivery or travelling. Nowadays, the trend of using extensions has increased a lot. People love to experiment with their hair. But, they don’t prefer to use hair dyes because this may damage their hair growth. So, to fulfil their desires, they just buy a different extension.


Extensions are available in different volumes, colours and lengths. If you have a straight hair texture, then you can buy the curly ones and vice versa. However, with the increasing demand for extension, the demand for packaging also increases. This gives hype to the competition among competitors. Everybody just wants to leave another behind.

So, it is better to use printed hangable hair extension boxes to leave an impact on buyers. You can print all the necessary details on the boxes. For customers’ ease, you can also mention the hair colour, so they don’t have to open the complete packaging. If you succeed in winning their heart, you just earn a lifetime customer for your brand. This is how packaging works.

Strengthen Your Brand With The Help Of Custom Hair Extension Boxes

You just not only protect your extensions with these boxes but also leaves a lasting impression on your clients. Add multiple colours and make these boxes fascinating for everyone. With these boxes, you can keep the extension in its original look for a long time period.

Different sorts of packaging materials are available in the market to manufacture these boxes. Customers can easily open or close these boxes. It is easy to use them. You can choose any material like cardstock, cardboard, corrugated or Kraft for these boxes. All of them are durable and sturdy. However, cardstock and cardboard are similar.

On the other hand, corrugated is sturdiest among all. This material comes with different flutes. You can easily increase or decrease the thickness of these materials.

If you use these boxes, they will surely strengthen your brand’s image in the market and in customers’ eyes.

Things To Keep In Mind

You need to keep in mind some things while designing these boxes for your business.

  • Colour Of  The Box:

To give a more uniform and professional look to your brand, it is essential to stick to a few colours. This way, customers will not get confused and easily recognise your products.

  • Exceptional Designs:

Well, the main reason to choose customised boxes is to bring creativity to the design of the box. Just keep the design of your boxes simple and elegant. You don’t need to confuse the buyers by making complex boxes.

How Do Custom Hair Extension Boxes Help To Make A Wonderful Brand Experience?

Packaging is the first thing that people sees when they go to buy any product. However, this thing goes for all the products. If you have unique packaging, then people will surely invest in your product, and they will also remember it for a long time period. It is not wrong to say that you can kill two birds with a single stone.

Besides, it is better to avoid generic packaging for your products. This is the best way to stay a step ahead of your rivals.

Hair extensions wholesale boxes are best if you are in search of exceptional packaging for your brand. With little efforts, you can earn handsome profits for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get these boxes now.

How To Pick The Right Packaging Company For Customisation?

Now, this is the most frequently asked question by the customers. Well, the answer is simple. Before you finalise any company, it is better to check customers reviews on their social media page. If you feel satisfied, then you can go ahead without any confusion. There are many experienced packaging companies like The Cosmetic Boxes. You can easily get in touch with their designers online. Besides, they offer some amazing deals and discounts for their customers. For the ease of their clients, they also provide samples.

Just let them know about your budget and then relax. They will provide you with some budget-friendly packages. Furthermore, you are free to share your ideas with them. Place the order now and see the clear difference in your sales.