Sulwhasoo is a Korean cosmetic brand in the UK widely known for its cosmetic products. This brand makes almost every cosmetic product range from lotions to eye-creams and makeup products. Moreover, this brand requires a nice and stylish box for appealingly enclosing these products.

Furthermore, a nice and good-looking product requires perfect and fine packaging to enhance its selling capacity. Besides, many companies are now manufacturing Sulwhasoo UK as the demand for this product has increased in the market. The best way to make your packaging stand out in the market is by using a complete customisation option for manufacturing Sulwhasoo boxes. Most companies provide this option to allow people to share their ideas and suggest ways to make their boxes distinctive from others.

Besides, sulwhasoo boxes come in many shapes and sizes. So, you can get these boxes to enclose any product from a face powder to a moisturiser. All you need is to discuss your needs and dimensions with the manufacturer, and he will make the boxes right according to your requirements. Moreover, you can use a press kit to enclose multiple items within one roof. You can utilise a press kit for a gift purpose as well. 

Choose The Right Material To Give Protection To The Product

Cosmetic products need stalwart and robust material to ensure their protection. The products like lotions, moisturisers, and serums require a material that shields them from sun heat to help them maintain their original state. For this reason, a variety of materials is available, which helps in securing the products from environmental harm. Cardboard and cardstock are most preferable by retailers. This material is puncture free and is flexible enough to mould in any shape and size. Cardstock is an advanced form of paper. Its thickness is adjustable, but mostly 14pt is in use. Moreover, they can change in any colour.

On the other hand, corrugated material is best for shipment purposes as it is made of thicker material, and the thickness of this material can be increased or decreased with the help of flute within this material. Mostly E-flute is in use. Besides, Kraft is an eco-friendly material. It is not only a biodegradable material but also cheap. Even though Kraft is a recyclable material, it provides complete protection to the product and is in use for many products like food, apparel, etc.

Inserts Option makes a clear difference

Some products are so fragile that they need extra care to prevent damage. Moreover, inserts act as a base to rest in properly. It is most important for the products which are at risk to get scratched. Different inserts are available to keep the product stuck to its place and avoid any movement.

  • Punch inserts
  • Fence inserts
  • Foam inserts

Firstly, fence inserts are preferable for items that are at risk of colliding with one another and can be at risk of any breakage. Fence inserts create a partition between the products. Secondly, punch inserts are best if you want to make a press kit for products. It helps to hold multiple products at one roof without the risk of any damage. Moreover, the satin lining is available in different colour ranges. You can use the lining underneath the product to hold it safely. Furthermore, it helps in enhancing the beauty of the boxes as well. Lastly, foam inserts are ideal for more fragile products and help in securing them in one place.

Various Printing Options To Provide Fine Finishing To The Boxes

To make your boxes beneficial for your business, printing your brand name and any trademark on the boxes is essential. It helps to build your brand name in the market, and people will reach you whenever they need the product next time. Moreover, you can add images, texts, and quotations on your boxes to add some creativity. It will help in attracting customers’ attention as well. Different printing methods are available, which you can use for printing.

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexography

Offset Printing

This is often in use for rough-surface surface like wood, canvas, etc. Moreover, due to its versatility, it can also be useable for books, papers, stationery, etc. Offset printing is a very popular method for mass production printing. In it, printing plates are involved, which are mostly made of aluminium. It holds the images of the content that you need to print. Similarly, these plates are then transferred onto rollers or rubber blankets before going to any type of paper you will print.

Digital Printing 

This process involves a variety of different techniques, including laser and inkjet printing. However, this method sends images directly to the printers through digital files. In this way, there remains no need for printing plates which are a must for other types of printing.

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Different Embellishments To Attract People To Buy Sulwhasoo In The UK

Nobody can ignore the outlook of the boxes. The more attractive the boxes are, the more selling capabilities they will have. Moreover, to give an eye-catchy look to the boxes, different add-ons options are available to appeal to people towards your product. First and foremost, by using different coating options, you can add more beauty to the packaging. Below are some coatings that provide an aesthetically charming look to the boxes.

  • Aqueous Coating
  • Varnish Coating
  • Spot UV

Aqueous coating is the cheapest and eco-friendly coating method. It is water-based and dry through oxidisation. Moreover, it provides a matte and glossy finish to the boxes. You can choose any of them as per your wish. On the other hand, varnish coating is a thin protective layer applied to the printing sheet to provide protection and enhance the appearance of the boxes. Furthermore, varnish coating is a clear ink that can be dull, satin and glossy. Apart from that, UV coating provides a high glossy look, and you can add UV coating on the whole box as well as on the specific part of the packaging.

Moreover, foiling in different colours is available, which provides an incredibly fantastic look to the packaging. Also, gold and silver foil stamping is very popular among retailers. Along with that, the logo in embossing and debossing gives a more charming look to the boxes.


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