This myth needs to be clarified that women wear makeup to hide their flaws and imperfections. No, there is no truth in this saying. Women wear makeup or not; they all are pretty, perfect, and beautiful.

Here you will get to know why women wear makeup. However, every woman has a different perception and association with makeup. But if see the reviews of all of them together, they all agree on one statement: they feel more confident when they put on their favourite makeup products.

Indeed, the makeup is basically used to enhance the already attractive features of the women. Here you will get to know about the use and working of each makeup product and how these products do magic to every related feature of the face of the women.

Additionally, the step-by-step use of makeup products is explained below in an understandable way.

So, let’s start with the first most makeup product. As you all know, the skin needs to be hydrated well as you will put a lot of other makeup products that will stay perfectly on your face only if it is well moisturized. Moreover, there are three different skin types, such as oily, dry, and combination one. But remember one thing, no matter which skin type you own, you can never apply makeup without moisturizing your face.

However, there are different types of moisturizer available in the makeup stores for every type of skin. So, the conclusion is that a moisturizer is a must, no matter what.

  • Primer

Moreover, the working of the primer is to minimize the pores on our face. Like, you all are familiar with the big open pores that almost every other person has on their face. Moreover, the makeup will not be smooth and long-lasting until and unless you put the primer on your face. Again, the primer also has options for different skin types. All you need is to invest in the one according to your skin type.

  •   Corrector

Have you people ever heard about the pigmented on two-toned skin? If yes, then it will be easy for you to understand the working of the corrector. However, there are three different types of corrector which are green, orange, and red. Each of these correctors is in use for different purposes.

Such as the green one is used to conceal the redness and the acne scars. Moreover, the orange is used to hide the face’s darker areas, such as under eye and the sides of the lips. Additionally, the red one is used to cover the purple bruises and the pigmentation.

  • Foundation

Here comes the most important makeup product. Indeed, it will not be less to call the foundation backbone of the makeup. Moreover, the foundation provides full coverage to the face with the touch of shine and glow. Additionally, one of the most difficult tasks is getting your hands on your perfect shade.

false eyelash box packaging

However, the easiest way to check your skin’s exact shade is to apply a very thin layer of the selected foundation on the side of your ear. It will be great to check whether it oxidize or not. Also, if the custom foundation has any such ingredient that can cause the itching or rash to your face, you will already get to know about it.

  • Concealer

Moreover, the concealer is used in two different ways. You can use it to hide the darkness under your eyes or cover your acne spots. Moreover, the other use is to highlight the under eyes, T zone of the face, and the area around the lips.

It is said that always use a concealer lighter than your actual skin colour as it will work great and provide the required finishing.

  • Setting Powder

After applying all the mentioned above products, here comes the turn of setting powder. Now when you have applied so many things on your face, it is obvious you need a powder to fixe and to set it. There is a whole range of different setting powders such as the banana powder, translucent powder, and many more in the market. Again, go with the one that perfectly suits your skin tone and colour.

  • Blush

Every woman loves to have pinkish or reddish cheeks. Therefore, the blush pink storage is great to provide such a look to the cheeks. However, you can get the blush in the powder and the liquid in both forms. Moreover, you can get different shades of pink and red according to your preference or likeness.

  • Contour

Contour is in use to provide the sharpness to the nose and the jawline. Like, you apply the powder or the liquid contour on the nose and the jawline. Later, blend it into the upward direction, and as a result, it gives quite a prominent finishing to the nose and the jawline. Moreover, some of the ladies with broad forehead contour their forehead too.

  • Highlighter

It is a fact that women wear makeup only for themselves. But still, there is such a makeup product that will surely grab others’ attention, which is highlighter. Moreover, the highlighter is something that you put on your nose tip, end of cheekbones, the curve of lips, and on the brow bones. No doubt it feels so gorgeous and fascinating and adds the touch of grace to your whole makeup look.

  • Eyeshadows

After doing every mentioned above thing, now move on the eyes. Indeed, eyes are the most attractive part of our face. There are different types of eyeshadow packaging design that you can put on the eyelids. Like, you can go with matte or gloss ones, the choice is all yours.

However, the matte ones work perfectly for the day function, while you should go with the gloss or shimmery ones for the night functions. Moreover, these shades are also available in powder and cream form.

  • Liner

Once you put your eyeshadows, now its time to apply the liner. Additionally, you can choose from the cake liner, gel liner, or pencil liner. Moreover, there are different ways to put the liner, such as the cat liner, simple liner, curved line, etc.

Moreover, you put the liner on your eyes’ upper lash line to give it prominence and highlight. Also, you can get the liner in any colour of your choice. But most of the women prefer to go with black liner because of its enchanting grace.

  • Mascara

To give volume and to thicken your natural eyelashes, you put mascara packaging on. Later, the gel of the mascara gives such a fine and volumized look to your eyes. One of the best things about the mascara is that you can get it any colour, just like the liner.

  • False Eyelashes

If you do not have thick or volumized lashes, there is no need to worry about it. Indeed, this best solution is false lashes. These are a great way to feel heavy lashes and enhance your eyes’ already existing beauty. Moreover, you are putting something false on your eyes, so it is better to invest in the quality eyelashes.

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Moreover, always prefer those false eyelashes sellers, which keeps the lashes in Custom Eyelash Boxes. Indeed, these are quite fragile and need proper packaging.

  • Setting Spray

In the end, after putting on every makeup product, you put the setting spray to fix the makeup and to make it stay for long without leaving any cracks or patches.