Want to know the secret of glowing and even skin? Using a suitable moisturiser is key. It is like food for our skin. As we cannot perform activities in the day without food as our fuel, lotions are fuel for the skin. However, the selection of the right product is essential.

Different types of skin:

Like people’s nature, the skin type also varies. Each person comes with a different skin type. To maintain your skin and to keep it healthy, it is essential to know your skin type. Here I will explain the four different skin types so you can identify yours easily.

  • Normal skin:

This skin type is clear, soft, and has a normal texture without any imperfections. Moreover, it is neither too oily nor too dry and has a normal texture. In easy words, this skin type is ideal as people with normal skin tone can use almost every type of product.

  • Sensitive skin:

People with sensitive skin have to think a lot before using a product. It is because these products can react to their skin. Moreover, this skin type usually feels discomfort like itching, heat, tightening, and if you get a little wrong with your product, it is going to react so badly. The reason for the sensitivity is that this skin type has weak or no protective barriers. That is why reactions to using wrong products lead to infections and allergies. So, you need to be alert of what you are using to take care of your skin in the best possible way.

  • Dry skin:

There are different external factors that can cause dryness for the skin. Moreover, it can be temporary or permanent, depending on the situation. The weather, heat, temperature, and even hot water can cause dryness. Additionally, the long-term situation leads to some disorders like eczema and other skin problems. It is because the cracked skin is open to bacterias. Furthermore, this skin type can be of old age as well. So, such people use products that hydrate the skin and leave a healthy texture.

  • Oily skin:

People with this skin type has shiny skin as they cannot get rid of the oil on their skin. The reason for having excessive oil is the sebaceous glands that cause excessive production of fat. Additionally, people under 30 years of age mostly have this problem. The bad news for people with oily skin is that they are more open to problems like acne.

  • Combination skin:

This skin type has both dry and oil factors. People with combination skin have oily T-zone with dry cheeks.

Methods to determine your skin type:

Knowing your skin type is essential to treat it accordingly. The reason is that if you do not pamper your skin the way you should, you can never get rid of akin related issues. Here are two methods that help in identifying your skin type.

  • Bare face test:

Wash your face with a suitable cleanser. Leave it like that for 30 minutes, and do not apply anything over it. Here is when you start a skin test. If you feel tightness in your skincare boxes, you are more likely to have dry skin. On the other hand, if you feel a mild shine on your skin, you must have a normal skin type. However, excessive shine on your face means oily skin.

  • Blotting paper test:

However, if you do not have much time and want a quick test, blotting paper always help. It is a faster way to test your skin. If you do not have time to wait, just go with this easy way. Take a blotting paper put it on your face. If it gets no oil, you have dry skin. However, if it soaks in oil, you are likely to have oily skin.

Let us talk about dry skin:

People with dry skin find it difficult to pick a moisturiser that suits them perfectly. Moreover, it is sometimes a temporary problem that can get better with little changes in your lifestyle. Moreover, people with old age mostly have dry skin as a permanent skin type. That is why we will discuss it here so people with dry skin can get rid of dryness and enjoy the perfect skin type.

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What causes dry skin?

Many environmental factors can cause dry skin, like environmental factors, humidity, soaps with hard ingredients and products with chemicals. Most of the times, people can get rid of the dryness by changing some daily habits. What causes dry skin?

Well! Our skin produces sebum that is essential to keep the skin hydrated. However, a high quantity of sebum in akin causes oily skin that leads to acne. However, dry skin creates no sebum that leads to itching and cracks. Additionally, the dehydrated skin leads to dull and rough skin.

  • Products with fragrance:

The products with fragrance can cause dryness. Moreover, if people who dry akin uses such products, it can worsen their situation. So, if products with even a mild fragrance do not suits you, do not use them.

  • Soaps may sap moisture from the skin:

Be selective of your soaps. Some soaps and shampoos also soak oil from your skin and leave it dry. So, always use face washes and soaps that suits you. If you feel that a product does not suits your skin type, just change it.

  • It may be genetic:

Sometimes your parents can be a cause of that dryness on your skin. That means you can scold them for having this skin type. Such people need to use a daily moisturiser that suits their skincare and make it soft and healthy.

  • Medication for acne:

Sometimes, the medication you are using for acne also cause dryness. It is because these medications include such formula that dries your skin.

  • Hot showers:

Standing under hot water might give a feeling of relaxation. However, it affects your skin in a bad way. That is why instead of hot use warm water. Additionally, after taking a shower, apply moisturiser instantly.

What can You do to treat dry skin?

Every problem comes with a cure. People with dry skin need to change some habits, and they can get rid of this irritating skin.

  • Daily moisturising:

Moisturising your skin is as important as you breathe to live. It is because moistures improve the skin barriers that control water retention. Moreover, moisturizer packaging the face at night is very beneficial for dry skin. However, selecting a suitable lotion or cream is essential.

  • Use a mild cleanser:

Do not use soaps that have fragrance or colours. It is because such products can dry the skin even more.

  • Exfoliation:

Exfoliation also helps in removing dryness. It is because it removers the dry cells on the skin, which help a lot in getting rid of dryness.

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How to select a suitable moisturiser? Lotion packaging can help:

There are unlimited options for lotions in the market that make it difficult to choose the right option according to your skin type. In this situation, printed lotion boxes help people a lot n selecting the right product. It is because the brand can print the ingredients and which product is suitable for what skin type. In this way, they can learn from the lotion box which product should they pick.

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