Fasten your seat belts and hold tight because you’re about to know some stuff about your skin that you never knew before. Also, take your hands away from the face while reading this because I don’t want your skin to get infected because of me.

Fortunately, We don’t see naked flesh on the bones and thanks to the skin for that but, most of the time, we forget to take care of this blessing. Wouldn’t that be weird if we’d see flesh and bones walking around us? I mean, that would be horrible to see.

The thing is, everything matters, but skin matters the most, and never ever compromise on that.

Before we jump further into skincare, you should always.

Know Your Skin

You may be living with it from your childhood, but have you ever realized what the pros and cons of your skin are? What your skin needs, and what is it shouting to you? If the skin had a mouth, it would ask you to stop activities that affect it.

Firstly, to listen, know your skin type, is it oily and makes your pillow wet every morning you wake up, or is it dry and looks like you haven’t drunk water for years?

Now the question that may be popping in your head would be,

How To Know Your Skin Type?

Four skin types are here from the start of this world, although the skin problems like today weren’t there before.

  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Normal

This is easy to know your skin type with easy steps. Firstly, wash your face and soak it dry. Now, wait for 30 minutes to make it come back to its normal position. Gently press the tissue paper or blotting paper on the different areas of your skin and see the results.

If the tissue has no transparency, then your skin must be dry. Whereas, if it soaked through then, it’s oily. The other effects like not too oily, and no flaky skin can be normal skin, and different absorption levels on the tissue can be the result of combined skin.

Now that you know your skin let’s ride to the point where you’d know about the problems associated with skin and their cures.

How To Avoid Skin Problems

Skin problems are best to cure by building a daily skincare routine, and for that, you need to get yourself in a discipline. If ignored, skin problems can lead to serious infections and make you see a dermatologist who’ll cost you some money. So, it’s always better to build a routine where you take care of your skin along with other problems you have in life because trust me, your ninety problems can go away if your skin problems are cured.

Skincare routine

What does a skin want? Of course, it’s your attention. Imagine your skin as your partner, and he/she would require full attention and a daily care routine for not being mad at you. The more the relationship is strong between you and your skin, the more you’ll get the finest results, and both will be happy. Despite that, you know the usual stressful fights between partners.

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In order to have control over this relationship, let’s see some daily skincare routines.


Forget your lunch or dinner, but do not forget to moisturize your skin at least once a day. Otherwise, the skin starts to produce its own oil, and these oils are coming straight from your adrenal gland or stomach, which is full of acids that would only make it worse. So, whenever you wash your skin, don’t forget to apply a good moisturizer in order to keep your skin happy.


There’s a saying that goes by our body is 70% fluids, and if you don’t drink enough water to keep those fluids up and your body hydrated, then the consequences can be bad, like acne, dark circles, and other bad skin problems that you don’t want.

How To Stay Hydrated?

In this regard, I came up with a technique that helped me stay hydrated. Whenever I want to check my phone, I’ll have a glass of water, it became a habit eventually, and you can try this yourself. But it makes me go to the washroom every time hehe.


A good sunscreen with 30 SPF can help you control skin issues while you’re out. This is crucial for skin types with a dark color because it can absorb UV rays directly and badly affect it. So, grab a good sunscreen and apply it before stepping out.

Another biggest cause that you never knew before is

Avoid Stress

Modern technologies provided many things, and stress was one of its biggest gifts. I’m not saying that stress never existed before, but now it’s growing more, due to the modern life stresses and nonpeaceful cities. Similarly, the covid-19 exaggerated the value of stress globally because people have to stay home and can’t meet their friends. It is slowly turning us into introverts and anti-social persons, and that is such a harmful thing for a human being.

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How Stress Affects Your Skin?

When a person is facing some mental stress, the brain starts to act weirdly, and it activates the secretes hormone (stress hormone) from the adrenal gland. This affects the skin directly because our skin has receptors for the stress hormone. It causes various infections in the skin like more oil production and increased inflammation which then causes acne and other skin problems.

I’m not saying that avoiding stress would cure your skin, but it can cure the problems associated with your skin, and also, people don’t sleep enough and eat unhealthy things whenever they’re stressed and anxious about something. So, avoiding stress can help avoid skincare issues.

The Treatments

Many brands make skincare products that treat various issues like acne, pores, and dark circles. These products are often made with natural ingredients like honey and vitamins for different uses. Likewise, if the skin problem is terrible, then seeing a doctor wouldn’t be a bad choice. Despite that, the skincare products would do the job, just know your skin type and get a product that suits you.

Importance Of Skincare Products

Now, it’s time we talk about the importance of skincare products in the market. The market is saturated with brands, especially cosmetic brands that make skincare products like moisturizers and serums with vitamins. They make a great impact to beautify your skin and make you look fresh every day.

Hard Competition Between Skincare Brands

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