‘real eyes, realize real lies.’

Without even noticing, the first thing that we see in someone is eyes, and some people say that they’re a mirror of the heart. Hence, who wouldn’t want to improve the look of their eyes with contact lenses?

The contact lenses were born in the early 1887’s. Some reports say that Muller used Hershel’s ideas to make them, and some say that it was Adolf E. Fick and Paris optician Edouard Kalt who made it possible to bring the revolutionary contact lenses that would fit your eyes and correct the vision problems without the need of glasses. Over time, the opticians kept coming up with new ideas and quality features to be introduced into this field.

Now, The market is filled with many lens businesses, and the cosmetic industry has started to make lens products that are only limited to the enhancement of beauty in eyes and making them perfect. The competition with other businesses is yet another hardship that every business has to conquer in order to maintain its marketplace.

Before we talk about the importance of lenses boxes and lenses packaging in the UK, let’s dive deep into the market growth and expectations from this business.

Elevation Of Contact Lenses And Market Growth

Due to its trendy colors, the contact lenses market has an expected CAGR of 5% in the forecast period. Also, the revenue of USD 9,785 million in 2020 is expected to grow to 12.995 million by 2026. This growth has been telling everyone to come and make a lavish living with this business

Has Covid-19 Affected The Growth?

Covid-19 made 2020 an extraordinary year for businesses because sometimes it thrived to its peak, and sometimes the growth fell from a hundred to zero. The reason was that people weren’t really caring about their eyes. Instead, they were concerned about the covid and fewer people had the chance to step out and have a check-up for their eyes.

Similarly, the beauty lenses or cosmetic contact lenses were also compromised because they were not being used the way they were before the covid-19. The reason was that no one was stepping out, and they didn’t have a chance to use cosmetics. So, there were hardly any sales for the cosmetic box contact lenses as well as corrective contact lenses.

For Lenses Businesses

As far as the growth is concerned, it’ll keep falling and rising as every other business does, and it is not in anyone’s control. The thing you can do is adopt some marketing techniques that we’ll talk about further by using lenses boxes and packaging to attract customers to purchase your products.

Here’s a question that every contact lens business have

What Lenses Would Be Beneficial For You As A Brand?

There are many types of contact lenses, and they all have their own benefits and prices. For this harsh market, you need to understand the concept of making contact lenses that would benefit you more with minimal investment. For that, there is a classification of these lenses by their types and uses individually to guide you.

Types by usage

         Corrective contact lenses

Contact lenses to fix the eyesight with corrective optics are corrective contact lenses.

These lenses keep away the need to have glasses at the nose. Also, they are completely safe to use under safety measures.

         Cosmetic contact lenses

The contact lenses for the enhancement of the beauty of the eyes by various colors in it. This thing can completely change the look of someone and turn him/her into another person in a split second. However, this product is not concerned with being used as a corrector for eyes.

         Therapeutic Contact Lenses

Another type of contact lenses used to cure the sick eye by preventing dust, and other particles. In some cases, doctors prescribe them to prevent the initial eye sickness

          Prosthetic contact lenses

The contact lenses that improves the appearance of the disfigured eye by painted and printed surface. They also help in correcting the poor functioning eyes.


           Soft contact lenses

These contact lenses are made of soft plastics and gases that let oxygen pass through them. They’re compassionate and have a smooth surface.

  1. Rigid gas-permeable

  2. They are more durable and easy to use than soft contact lenses. Moreover, Rigid gas-permeable has a bigger life span than soft contact lenses, and they’re a good option to go for.


The main focus is to carry out the best useable contact lenses that can help you build a good brand name.

The cosmetic contact lenses are not limited to vision problems, but people use them to throw a fancy look at themselves. Hence, they’re a good investment to make along with other types of contact lenses.

Cosmetic Box

However, the rigid gas permeable lenses would help in making the best lenses of any type because they’re breathable and cheap.

Moreover, the chances of getting higher revenue would become more because people purchase cosmetic products more to beautify them, and they’re not limited to sight problems. Similarly, the amount of cost you spend on would be less with gas permeable lenses, and they’re durable and long-lasting for the customer.

How Do Boxes Matter

Lenses are often packed in the display boxes where customers can see the real lenses from a PVC window to look at them. The real reason for packing mainly cosmetic lenses in packaging like this is that the customer should see the real lenses and select the lenses’ colors and look. Moreover, it’s a good strategy to attract people to purchase your lenses and turn them into regular customers.

Similarly, the packaging matters a lot because

It Makes The First Impression Lasting

In the case of lenses, people are not always sure whether they want contact lenses for themselves or they’re all just happy with their glasses. Also, in the case of getting cosmetic lenses, they would want something else to attract them that would give them ultimate satisfaction that they’ve spent their money at the right place.

In this case, custom Lenses Boxes are the lifesavers. Custom retail boxes allow you to make the boxes as you desire. You can change the layout, color or select a premium printing method to make them noticeable at any store. Some studies tell that people purchase something off the shelf if they just like the packaging, and it’s up to you how you make enticing lenses boxes.

Assures Safety To The Lenses

Lenses are some products that need to be adequately packed because they’re sensitive and include some gases within them. Hence, the compromise on their boxes can be hard for your business. Also, you cannot make an expected ROI with your lenses.

How Are The Custom Boxes Finest Choice For Your Lens Packaging?

Add value to your products by choosing The Custom Boxes because we provide customization, where you can change the boxes into the desired shape as well as the prices are friendly here. Moreover, you will get free samples of the lenses boxes UK when you make a purchase to double-check the boxes’ quality and premium printing. The premium printing allows the boxes to have full color and gloss finish to make a first impression lasting.

Similarly, by purchasing in bulk, you can get lenses boxes at wholesale rates. In this way, you can save some bucks for further investment and marketing of your lenses.

So, grab your lenses boxes now from The Custom Packaging, and make a valuable name in the market.