Indeed, one of the best ways to add the touch of elegance and lighting to your surroundings is to put some candles. Like, you can create a warm and soothing ambience in your room or anywhere just by putting some candles. Additionally, people are not known to different types of candles. Therefore, you should read this blog to get to know about the different incredible types of candles.

Real And Flameless Candles:

The primary thing that you need to know is that there are two major types of candles. One is a traditional and flaming candle, and the other one is a flameless candle. Both are great embellishments to decorate any area or to give a graceful mood to any place.

Types Of Flaming Candles:

You can customize the look and the feel of your venue by adding some real flame candles. Indeed, these have the warm and authentic flames that can surely cherish and freshen up your mood instantly. Detailed types of real flame candles:


These are the candles that you can put on the cake, pastries, ice cream sundaes and ask the birthday boy or girl to blow it and have a wish. Moreover, it comes in slender forms which means you can use as many as you want on the cake. Also, these are available in so many different vibrant colours.


These are the compact and lightweight type of real flame candles. Additionally, these are quite inexpensive. You can put these candles on the dinner table to stabilize the mood of your partner.


These are also perfect, like the tea candles to decorate the special lunch and parties’ tables. No doubt that these are very easy to use. Additionally, they are quite bigger than the tea candles. They are great to enjoy late and longer events as they don’t get finished instantly.


This type of candle is single perfect to be used for any purposes. You can also customize this type of candle’s size to use as the centrepiece at your house’s lounge table. As these are huge, this means you can burn them for the desired time without the tension of getting the new one sooner.


These are a slim, elegant, classic, and mesmeric type of candle to give a dreamy look to any place where you burn it. Moreover, the second name of this type of candle is a window candle. However, these have a slim top and the wide bottom, making standing easy and convenient.


These cartridge candles are quite the same as the taper candles, which means you can rely on them to add the touch of sophistication to any place.


As clear by the name, it is a type of candle where there is glass filled with wax. It is a candle type which is great to add grace to any table. Moreover, the light of this type of candle reflects with the colour of the jar. Yes! Both the flame of the candle and the colour of candles create such a pretty environment. The best part about this time is no mess at all. The wax melts and remains in the glass.


You can put this type of candle in any candle lamp. It helps to enjoy the real flickering flame, which is great for lighting to any area and freshen up your mood. You can get this type of candle in any shape or size according to the candle lamp’s dimensions.

candle boxes


You have to put these candles in a large bowl or vase full of water. This will give such an impressive look. Also, this will be the perfectly eye-catchy centrepiece in your room or anywhere you will place it. Furthermore, these candle packaging come in different sizes. Additionally, you can even customize the size too.

Types Of Wax:


It is a petroleum byproduct. Additionally, it has a high melting point.

  • SOY WAX:

It doesn’t have the pollutants. Also, it doesn’t produce petrol-carbon like other waxes.


It is thicker than other waxes and genuinely more sustainable than the paraffin and soy.


It is a wax type that cleans the air and burns the pollutants while burning.


It is plant-based and eco-friendly wax which works perfectly after getting combined with beeswax.

Types Of Wick For The Real Flame Candles:


These wicks are easy to burn and the best to produce more melted wax. Also, it keeps on burning even in a slightly heavy wind. This is why it is considered as the best type of wick.


These wicks consist of tin or zinc cores. Additionally, these are the most commonly used type of wicks. Metal cored wicks are safe to use as they are non-toxic.


These are the environment-friendly type of wicks. Yes! Woody wicks produce minimal carbon when you burn it. Moreover, these wicks create a very soft sizzling sound when you burn them.

Types Of Flameless Candles:


If you are looking forward to any candle wax packaging type to add the accent lighting to your dining table, then better to go with the tea lights. However, you may ask that the real flame candles also have a type of the same candle. Yes! They do have the same name, but their functioning is different.


These are unscented candles and made up of this way that looks like authentic candles. These are pretty cute in appearance and have a small body for easy transportation. Moreover, these candles are also known as the mini hurricanes. Once buy them, and you can celebrate your lots of events with this same bunch of candles.

wrap gift boxes


These candles give a flickering glow. These are easily manageable. Like, you can turn them on and off with your consent and can use them for a long period. You can also read the usage method on these candles’ Wrap Gift Boxes in which these are safe and sound for the easy understating. Yes! Obviously, no matter whether the candle is flaming or flameless, you need Wholesale Wrap Packaging Boxes to keep them secure.

Types Of Rechargeable Candles:

These are the candles that you can easily recharge. Additionally, there are different ways to recharge such types of candles. Some get charged with the direct electricity, some with the batteries, and some with the power adapters. Additionally, the great thing about these candles is that you can operate them with remote help. Yes! These are the remote control candles which means no matter how far the candle is from you, press the button and turn on or off the candle easily.