Many countries, along with the United Kingdom, are facing a second wave of the pandemic. However, according to the prime minister of UK, Boris Johnson, UK is now not in a state of another lockdown. He further added that the strict restriction on social distancing might be necessary. Moreover, this virus has spread to a larger area across the UK that has increased the R number as well. It was below 1 last year and now is between 1.1 and 1.4.

For people who do not know about the R number, here is how it means.

R number indicates each COVID positive person can pass the virus to how many people. It rises above 1, a number of cases spread quickly.

Hard but obligatory warnings:

To avoid another full-scale lockdown, it is essential to control the situation. For these reasons, the UK government took some strict restrictions.

Furthermore, keeping in view the current condition, the fireworks on New Year Eve has also cancelled. That means there will be no fireworks in London to enter in 2021.

Every year 100000 of people gather around Victoria Embankment for this annual event which millions of people watch on TV.

Some facts about coronavirus:

There is a myth that coronavirus gets killed in a temperature of 26-27 degree. Similarly, people say that it does not transmit through the air as it settles on the ground. People also say that mask is not necessary to be a safe and frequent wash of hands can prevent the virus from spreading.

There are all rumours.

This virus can transmit to all areas, including those with immense hot weather so if you are travelling an area which is in danger zone never forget to wear a mask and take all precautionary measures. Furthermore, there is no doubt that frequent cleaning of hands lowers the chances of getting COVID positive.

Apart from that, studies identify that this virus transmits due to respiratory droplets rather than through air. Like if a person sneezes, cough, and exhale, and he or she is infected with corona, they become a cause of the spread of this virus. For this reason, social distancing is essential. Maintain a distance of 3 feet from a person who is at risk to be safe.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that sunlight kills coronavirus.

Precautionary measures that can help limit the spread of the virus.

Here are some precautions that can limit the spread of this virus.

  1. Wear a mask. It will restrict the spread of the virus during coughing and sneezing.
  2. Healthy people must wear mask only if they are treating infected people. Otherwise, there are other precautionary measures like washing hands, maintaining respiratory hygiene and keeping the distance of at least 1 meter.
  3. Dispose of the wet mask properly and do not re-use mask after a single-use.

Besides, people suffering from this virus should maintain a healthy diet with an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. Similarly, no evidence drinking a lot of water kills the virus. However, drinking a lot of water is essential to maintain health as good immunity lower the chances of getting the virus. Likewise, holding the breath for 10 seconds does not identify if some have this virus or not. Additionally, the origin of coronavirus is not identified yet, but it founds in animals like other viruses of this family which are SARS-coV and MERS-coV.

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Treatments that healthcare providers recommend for COVID-19:

Most of the times, people recover by staying at home. Corona positive people higher the spread of this virus to other people. Similarly, it can make their case worse as well. For this reason, if you have a flue, get rest, intake fluids, stay hydrated and take medication for fever and pain, and you do not need to go to hospitals.

Moreover, in a struggle of getting an antidote to this virus, scientists have come up with some drugs that can treat patients. Remdesivir is one of the FDA approved medicine to treat hospitalised patients.

Moreover, there are two monoclonal antibodies as well that helps treating COVID patients at home, including adults and children over 12 years old. People over age 65, with obesity and those who have chronic diseases and who can get COVID-19, can use these medicines.

Similarly, monoclonal antibodies are a human-made version of antibodies that our body makes naturally to fight viruses and hinder widespread of the virus in the body. Moreover, this treatment is not effective for people who are already treating in hospitals for other diseases and who are receiving oxygen therapy.

Convalescent Plasma and COVID-19 patients:

After the recovery of coronavirus, our body produces antibodies that fight with this virus and help us get well. Moreover, these antibiotics are found in plasma.

The process of Convalescents Plasma has been in use to prevent diseases from hundreds of years. It is effective for treating illness like measles, chickenpox, polio, and SARS.

However, in case if COVID-19, it can only reduce the risk of severity. It is a mystery whether this process of transfusing plasma can recover patients with this virus or not. However, according to a recent analysis of 35000 patients, this therapy can only lower the risk of death and do not treat patients properly.

The patients who receive plasma within three days can get an advantage from it. After the specified period, it is near to no use for patients.

Now the question is who can donate Plasma?

A person who has recently recovered from COVID-19 and tested negative after 14 days can give plasma. Moreover, he must have a high level of antibodies in plasma. After taking plasma, further tests are conducted to check other infectious diseases.

Furthermore, each person gives plasma to treat one to three patients. It is also essential to check if donating plasma affect the immunity system of the patient.

Antiviral drugs to treat COVID-19:

Scientists research on previous medicines that were in use to cure viruses whether they are effective for treating Coronavirus or not. Antiviral drug remdesivir is the most effective in securing cells from this virus. However, the time limit and age of a person having coronavirus may vary.

Vitamin D also helps to lower the risk of coronavirus by boosting the body’s natural defence and by reducing the risk of getting inflammatory problems.

Role of medicine storage boxes:

In this tough condition, the import and export of medicines are quite common as it is not evident who takes out a solution at what time. For this reason, proper packaging is essential that can prevent contamination that can make the situation even tougher.

Moreover, the quality of medicine packaging UK is the most important thing in this case. For this reason, choose high-quality packaging material that can ensure safety in all conditions. There are many options like corrugated, cardstock, kraft and die cut cardboard boxes material.

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However, the corrugated custom medicine storage box is the best choice for transportation. Additionally, print all necessary information on the packaging. Print the name of medicine clearly.

As well as you can also mention on the packaging if the medicine is effective for treating coronavirus or not. Moreover, print directions like read the leaflet before use to aware customers of taking medicine after having proper knowledge about it.

Which company should you approach?

There are many quacks in the market that thinks if earning money only. For this reason, it isn’t easy to get hands-on the right company.

For this reason, do proper research and approach the company that is best in its work and provide medicine boxes at affordable rates and with good quality.