What comes in your mind by thinking of making someone happy? You are right. Exchanging gifts have been a source of expressing feelings for a long time. Whether it is a birthday party, Christmas, any other event or you want to make up with someone, gifts bring a smile to the face and highlight your importance in their life.

However, wrapping gifts is another topic. You all know that the first impression is the last impression. Who wants to give an average or bad impression even when it is the first time you are buying someone a gift? For this reason, packing gifts is not about covering or protecting it. It means to maximise the beauty of the gift. Wrapping gifts in beautiful and fascinating wrap boxes are essential to give gifts a look they deserve.

A gift is an item that is not different or new to others. They may have found it saw it somewhere else as well. However, it is the wrap packaging boxes UK that increase its worth and make it look special and something unique for receivers.

A gift packed inside a beautiful packaging associate positive energy to the gift that excites people. If a person opens a gift with a lot of happiness, excitement, and positive energy, he will love it as well. Contrary to it, if a gift comes in ordinary and simple packaging, it will not give excitement, and positive vibes to the person will anticipate something average inside as well. For this reason, giving importance to the wrap boxes wholesale UK is essential.

The precedence of gift wrapping paper over gift wrap boxes:

There are different methods of packing gift products. The concept of wrapping gifts has come from china by the invention of paper in the 2nd century. Today, stores sell gift papers to wrap products. However, markets are full of wholesale wrap packaging boxes that are beautiful and gives a pretty look to the product. With such boxes, you do not need to spend extra money on wrapping boxes with paper. These boxes come with an amazing and attention-grabbing surface.

The brands manufacture special boxes for their products on different occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other events that give products a perfect look for the gift. You do not have to wrap such boxes in a paper as they look charming themselves. Additionally, people can get boxes of their own choice by ordering direct from the packaging companies. For this purpose, everyone has to have a general idea about the important factors of manufacturing durable and beautiful custom wrap boxes.

Never compromise on the quality of boxes:

Quality of the box is important not only for protecting the gift item, but the overall look also depends on it. If the box is of low quality, it will not look pleasant as a little weight can bend or change its shape and make it look ugly. For this reason, the selection of durable material is the first thing to consider. There are different packaging materials offers by packaging companies. Have a general idea about each of them.

Cardboard is the most common material for this purpose. It is e o-friendly and printing friendly. That means you can print anything on the box and print any colour on it. Moreover, to adjust the thickness of the box is important. A heavy product needs a thick box than the product with lighter weight. Cardboard comes with adjustable thickness. It ranges from 12pt to 14pt. You can customise these retail boxes in any shape, size, design and layout.

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Kraft, on the other hand, is a biodegradable and recyclable material. This quality of kraft makes it affordable as well. It lowers its cost by 40%. Moreover, the brown colour of kraft makes it look unique as well. To target the community that uses only such packaging thy does not hem environment, using kraft boxes is the best option. Its thickness is also adjustable that ranges from 14pt-22pt. You can increase it even more with pasting.

If you want to deliver gifts across the border, corrugated boxes are best as they tend to protect products during long journeys. Its flutes are responsible for the thickness, which is important during transportation. This box can get any colour and printing over it as well.

Rigid boxes are the toughest packaging boxes with thickness starting from 32pt.

Express your love through packaging with the brilliant use of add-ons:

Gifts boxes are all about beauty. It is a beautiful and fascinating outlook of the wholesale wrap packaging that make ordinary boxes different from gift wrapping boxes. Packaging companies offer embellishments that help in giving these boxes a seven yet graceful look that multiplies the importance of boxes as well. Given below are some add-ons. Use them carefully to get the best results.

Foil boxes with the colour of your choice. Golden and silver foiling the most popular choice among people for gift boxes as it gives a royal look to them. At the start, packaging companies used to offer only these two colours. But, with the growing love of people for foiled boxes, companies now offer foiling in almost every colour. Just tell the packaging expert your choice and the rest is up to them.

Moreover, if the brand owner print brand name in foiling or customers print the receivers name with it, it will highlight the name and attract attention at first glance. Besides, if you want to highlight the certain part of the box, you can foil it as well.

Apart from that, highlighting the designing or printing on the boxes provides an appealing look to the box. Embossing and debossing are the best way to do that. In embossing, printing and designing are raised upwards. Whereas in debossing, the design and patterns are recessed into the ground.

Adding windows display the product beautifully packed inside. If the person would be able to see the gift item inside the box, it will excite him even more, and the smile on the receivers will make money worth spending. There are two types of window cuts. By using the die-cut window style, you will allow touching the product as well while seeing. On the other hand, in the PVC window, a person can only view the product. Additionally, get windows in any shape and size like heart, oval, circle etc.

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From where to buy?

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