Postal service is the oldest way of transferring mails, documents, files, gifts, and many other things. Moreover, due to the ongoing trend of sending parcels through postal services despite the modern and digital ways is rising curiosity in many people. Some people say that delivering through postal shows the efforts of the person sending mails. It highlights your importance in the person’s life as he is putting much efforts to maintain the connection between you two.

Apart from that, postal is not restricted to sending mails only. However, it is the cheapest way of sending packages all around the world. The trend of sending PR packages for promotion is rising with every passing day. New brands and already existing brands who want to market their new launch products use this source to send packages to other influential people like bloggers for advertisement as their words matter a lot for people who follow them.

Besides, with the rising trend of e-commerce, postal services have got much importance. People now prefer to buy things online than going to malls and retailing stores. The delivery is possible through postal service. Now the question here is how to ensure people safe delivery through the post?

Role of Postage Boxes

Every parcel you send is important to you as well as to the receiver. So, to ensure the safety of parcels, postage packaging boxes are essentialThere are different tips that ensure the arrival of the parcel in perfect condition. Here we will discuss some of them that can save you from the embarrassment of sending broken parcels.

Choice of the right tool: 

Choosing the right material for the manufacturing of custom postage boxesis essential. Most of the people know that quality material is essential to guarantee safe delivery. However, some people get ready to compromise the quality of boxes only to save some pennies. Such people end up in an embarrassing situation, and no one trusts their services every again. Cardboard postage boxes are the best choice as it is durable to ensure safety as well as printing friendly. That means you can print your company name or any other information on the box.

custom postage boxes

Moreover, corrugated boxes are specially designed for this purpose. These boxes come with flutes that make sure the product inside is safe or not. Furthermore, flutes are adjustable, and each flute has different measurements. That means if your product is delicate, you can choose a thicker flute. Similarly, for delicate items, join two flutes for giving maximum thickness.

Leave no empty space:

It is important to make sure that there is no empty space left in the box after placing the product. If there is free space in the postage boxes wholesale, the products will move around that increase the risk of damage during its way to the destination. So, to cover the empty space, you can use inner packaging like bubble paper, polystyrene chips, polythene foam etc. These materials will cover the extra space in boxes and hinder the movement of products within the postage box.

Label the box clearly:

Labelling is an essential part of wholesale postage packaging. Labels include address, product description, amount and other necessary information on the box. Such information is necessary for delivering the parcel at the right place. Whether you are going to print labels or write it personally make sure it is in such a position that is easily accessible and clear. It is not covered with tape and is easily recognizable.

Do not use delicate material:

Some companies use fabric packaging to add the beauty and essence of uniqueness. However, they are not aware of the damage such packaging can do to your product. Boxes made of delicate material or any kind of fabric cannot protect the product during transportation. Any sharp thing near the packaging will damage the packaging first and then the product inside.

Measure product weight, size and type:

Weight, size and type of the product are something on which the choice of material for the packaging depends. If you are using an undersized box for the product, it can damage what is inside. Same is the case with getting a box bigger than the product size. The item will bounce that can lead it to damage.

Apart from that, the type of product being parceled also plays a vital role in determining what type of box should be used. For instance, heavy products need a heavy-duty box that can bear the weight and guarantee protection. Similarly, delicate products need boxes with an extra layer that protects the product from movement. You can use padding for such products as well that obstruct the unnecessary movement.

postage boxes wholesale

Besides, you are going to face a lot of trouble if you are unable to choose the right packaging material that can bear the weight of the box. If you pack a heavy product in a lightweight box, you are risking a lot. Choose a strong, and durable packaging to make sure the parcel will be delivered safely. Get corrugated cardboard boxes with additional flutes if necessary, to make sure the product is safe inside. If you fail to deliver the parcel safely, customers will not trust your services ever again as well as you have to compensate for the loss as well.

Wrapping products:

During transportation, products go through a lot of jerks and bumps. Continuous vibration can damage delicate items. For this reason, while delivering products that are fragile and can get damaged easily like glass products or cosmetic products in glass jars, wrap them with bubble wrap, polythene or other things available for wrapping. It gives extra protection to the products that transfer the parcel safety to its destination.

Seal off for shipping:

Once everything is done for securing the product, seal the packaging to store everything inside. Check the box thoroughly by shaking if the product fits perfectly in it or if there is any information missing in the box.

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