The cosmetic industry is growing rapidly with a growth rate of 5.5 per cent as of 2018 while comparing it to the previous years. The cosmetic industry is continuously gaining popularity as the mediums for advertisements is increasing, and so this, in turn, leads to greater production of cosmetic products.

As of 2018, L’Oréal being the leading cosmetic brand, generated an estimate of about 31.2 Billion Dollars as the revenue.

Statistics Of Women Regarding Makeup

  • Thirty-three per cent of women tend not to leave their home without makeup.
  • 60 per cent of women do not go to the office without make up
  • It makes women more confident
  • On average a female spends around 2000 dollars on her cosmetic products annually
  • According to the survey’s, women who wear makeup have butter chances of success and are considered more reliable.

Custom Packaging Boxes

Custom packaging boxes are the kind of packaging boxes that are manufactured with the help of paper and plastic. The basic use of custom packaging boxes is for the product packaging and is in use to promote the product in the market by printing the logo and other things on the boxes.

They are shipping boxes that are designed custom according to the dimensions provided by the customer.

Wrapping products are out of date now, and nobody even likes them anymore. Product with normal packaging that is not custom made is considered to be low quality and not according to the standards.

Makeup Boxes

Makeup packaging boxes are in use by many leading brands today. This is because these boxes provide them with all those necessities that are the requirement of a product. A product requires something durable for its safety and an appearance that highlights its features and enhances its outlook.

Makeup packaging boxes UK are one of the major packaging boxes. All brands use it for multiple purposes. For example, to promote their brand, for marketing, for grabbing the attention of the customers and many more.

Custom Makeup Boxes

All the glamour that a product receives depends on its designing. Designing of the product box is the key element towards the growth of both your product and your brand. Design and shape of the packaging are as important as the product itself.

Custom makeup boxes provide you with the ability to design your boxes the way you want to. They fit your product perfectly. These boxes show your clients that they are specifically made for this particular product. You can get them in all shapes and sizes according to your desire.

wholesale makeup boxes

Attractive Makeup Boxes

When you visit a market, you go through several products and their packaging. You might have had noticed that every time you go to buy something new, you always judge a product by its packaging. There is no doubt in it that packaging design, shape and the colour scheme plays a major role to get your attention.

So, it has to be made sure that the custom makeup boxes you have for your products are in synchronization with the product.

Add-Ons Available

This is the cosmetic industry we are talking about, and the packaging has to be eye-catching. With the different customization options, you also have a lot of possibilities when it comes to the printing part. Like you can get an addition of matt or gloss layer on your packaging or gold foil printing with embossing and debossing to make it more attractive and make it much more attention grabber.

These additional options bring in much more value to your product. The customer realizes that if the packaging is such amazing then obviously, the product has to be good.

Marketing Partner

The makeup storage boxes are the first thing that the customer would be visually seeing. Your brand name, logo and your theme will be your agent and sales executive while your product will be out there in the market all alone.

The clients will be coming in contact with it. Out there on the shelves, the makeup packaging boxes UK will be representing your brand and will be telling the customers about yours. It’s free marketing. Likewise, you don’t have to pay for it. Where ever the box will be travelling, it will be showing off your name to the world.

Wholesale Makeup Boxes

All of us understand the term wholesale very well. The first thing that comes to our mind is lower rates. And that’s right. We at bee packaging are providing high-quality wholesale makeup packaging boxes. We do not compromise on perfect designing and customer satisfaction, as our teams are continuously working for the betterment of the clients.

Above all, you can get makeup boxes wholesale UK at much cheaper rates with the same best quality material. You can somehow call them cheap makeup boxes. It’s one of the best decisions to make if you are a cosmetic product manufacturer or even if you are starting a new business. So, this way you can reduce your costs to a great extent.


Cosmetic products are delicate. They require extra care and protection and thus need exceptional packaging. They need high-quality material which ensures safety to all the products that you are manufacturing. The durability required it acquired with the makeup boxes. Moreover, these boxes are available in several materials—for example, kraft (Eco-friendly), corrugated and cardboard material. You can get any of these according to your requirement.

makeup packaging boxes uk

Packaging Bee is offering state-of-the-art packaging across the box by industry of UK to several companies for their product packaging. We are thriving to supply our customers with the best. Therefore, we carefully design and produce flawless packaging for our customers.

So, if you are looking for the custom makeup storage boxes, then you can get it from Packaging Bee that provides you with top-notch products packaging according to the needs and requirements.

Main Types Of Material

The selection of material is essential here. Depending on the weight and delicacy of your product, you can decide which material is the most suitable for your cosmetic product. Durability depends on the material of the products.

Below are mentioned the material according to the strength.

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Kraft

Though all these types have strength depending upon your product, moreover, these are semi eco-friendly material and kraft being 100% recyclable.

If you are confused, Packaging Bee provides expert opinions for what will suit you the best.

Considerations To Keep In Mind

Being a cosmetic product manufacturer, you should always keep yourself updated with the latest trends that are going on in the market. But, don’t just opt for what others are doing, what works for others won’t work for you. Others will be having the packaging according to their design of the product. So, as your product will be different, get your makeup boxes designed uniquely. The unique design will become your identity.

People will know you for who you are instead of calling you a copy or resembling you with any other brand.

Beauty Boxes And Social Media

Surprising to see what connection can beauty boxes have with social media. But they are connected. It is very well known that social media is one of the best free marketing tools. Therefore, it is important to get your product packaging design in a way that it will also look great while on the screens of phones and laptops. Colour scheme is the key to catch eyes, and so the custom packaging will also be attracting customer during the advertisement on social media.

custom makeup boxes


The past years have shown us that the world is much more sensible now. Everyone cares for the planet. Indeed, the packaging industry was a major contribution towards global warming as the packaging was being made from the plastic.

But, no more. Now the packaging industry has moved towards eco-friendly material, and this thing is never going to change.

Every day brings innovation, and so should you keep in mind that the packaging of your cosmetic products also needs a change. In short, the change most of the times always brings something good, and in the case of your beauty products, it will.