Cigarettes have always been in use and considered to be cool. Why do people think that cigarettes help them in looking bonny and easy to eyes? Well, a custom cigarette box has a prominent role in this case. The packaging creates the image of the cigarettes to be something cool and appealing. In early times, people used to smoke tobacco through pipes because smoking cigarettes was linked to the people of high class. Moreover, if we talk about today, cigarettes are still in use for the sake of looking trendy and fashion icon. Those who do not have addiction still harm themselves actually has an addiction to be a fashionista.

Apart from that, the history of cigarettes is as old as 5000BC. Its popularisation started from China, and in no time it spread all over England. Furthermore, the first person who invented the cigarette was Washington Duke. He came up with hand-pressed as well as hand-rolled tobacco in a paper.

The only drawback in such practice was that it took a lot of time to roll tobacco all by yourself. It was nearly impossible to manufacture them in a huge amount. So, in the 1880s, James Bonsack came up with the idea of creating a machine that can press and roll the cigarettes in no time. In this way, the cigarettes began to produce and spread faster. By then, the manufacturing and use of cigarettes started to rise, and it becomes common in the market in no time. Now there are thousands of brands that are dealing with smoking products. Moreover, now there are many alternatives to cigarettes that proclaim to be less harmful.

The Emergence Of Cigarettes In The Past Few Years:

The tobacco industry is proceeding lately. With that, not only the new companies are taking steps in this business, but the rates of smoking products are also increasing. Similarly, the main reason for the flow of tobacco companies is the demand for cigarettes among people. Different factors play a role in adopting a habit of smoking. Some influence their peers. At the same time, some teenagers think of smoking after seeing their elders. On the other hand, some people adopt smoking only to follow trends and look fashionable.

Custom cigarette packaging

All these things together maximising the ratio of smokers. With the rise of manufacturing of cigarettes, the demand for cigarette packaging boxes is increasing as well. Holding cigarettes in a case is necessary for its safety.

How Cigarette Boxes Help In Achieving High Sales:

With the above information, you now have a better idea of how the business of selling cigarettes is growing with every passing day. However, with some many brands dealing with the same product, it is important to take your cigarette boxes UK as a marketing tool. Design them in such a way that can attract and influence customers on the time of buying. All the people who are somehow related to the retail packaging boxes or manufacturing business must have an idea about the power of packaging. It communicates with the customer’s and convinces them where you fail to do so.

With so many tobacco industries working, custom cigarette boxes help in attracting customer’s and make your brand and product look different from others. For this reason, all the old and new brands put much focus on the cigarette packaging boxes UK to make their production run successfully. Similarly, all the people who are thinking of starting a tobacco business must invest in the packaging as well.

Old And New Types Of Tobacco Consumption:

The form of consuming tobacco have been modifying with time. Here are some types of tobacco consumption tools that were used before and advanced with time.


Cigars are the old source of consuming tobacco. It is still in use and is associated with elite class and prestigious actors. This is the reason for them being expensive. Moreover, for this popular way of consuming tobacco, a fancy and luxurious packaging is essential. Similarly, the tobacco which companies use in cigars is also high-quality. All these things together make it superior to all other types.

      Traditional cigarettes

The rise of traditional cigarettes dates back to 1919. The soldiers of the Great War used to smoke cigarettes to calm themselves down. Soon women also started using them, and it no longer remains gender-specific. The style of packing traditional cigarettes is also traditional with hinged lid top and auto-lock bottom


With time the new technologies took steps in the advancement of these products as well like all others. E-cigarettes took the place of traditional cigarettes in no time. All the teenagers and youth now prefer e-cigarettes. Moreover, with the appearance of this new type, the cigarette boxes wholesale for this product also updated. These cigarettes come in tuck-end and sleeve style box to cover it up properly.


Today, vapes have lower the importance of cigarettes right after its launch. The researchers claim that vapes are a less harmful way of inhaling tobacco than traditional cigarettes. They come in a packaging with a tuck-in flap with a sleek look.

Packaging Can Do Wonders:

Cigarette boxes wholesale UK are necessary not only to protect the cigarettes but to display them beautifully as well. If you manufacture the product perfectly and neglect the packaging, you are definitely betraying yourself.

Wholesale cigarette packaging boxes helps in differentiating your product from other brands as well. With so many options on a retailing store, only the logo of your brand or a brand name printed on it can show your identity. It makes it easy to choose customers. Moreover, print all the necessary information on the printed cigarette boxes for the ease of customers. The harms it can do, the ingredients used, all these together make it easy for customers to make a buying decision. Furthermore, print beautiful images to make it look more appealing and captivating.


printed cigarette packaging boxes

Selecting the right colour combinations is equally important. A right choice in colours can double the power of attracting customers in your product. Apart from printing, packaging companies offer different add-ons to make the packaging look appealing and spread positive energy. Cigarette packaging with foiling increase the enthusiasm in the product and grab customer’s attention. Additionally, some brands prefer packaging fully covered by foil. It gives a premium and luxurious look to the product. By printing the brand name or logo with foiling, you can enhance its prominence and appeal. Similarly, if you want to highlight the certain part of the box, you can do it with foiling.

By adding window cut out, the beautiful display of the product become breathtaking. Cigarettes are such product that can stand out only with cool packaging. The reason is that a large number of people use it only to follow trends and look classy. All these options together can improve the branding and sales of your product.

From Where To Buy?

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