Do you like to sport the dynastic, Rapunzel-like tresses and look as alluringly beautiful as a picture? Do you wish to splash a few coins on gorgeous hair extensions and look as pretty and wistful as a lovely mermaid? Well, since it’s the weddings of my bestie as well as half-sister coming up soon, I and my besties have decided to bombard the hair extension markets and find the best ones to flaunt our hair. Due to long spells of dry fasting to lose the unsightly fat that had stumbled upon us, we had all lost a heavy bunches of our highly treasured hair. Have you also lost bunches of hair? If so, do not panic or get caught up in a frenzy, and just prefer these beautiful hair extensions to marvel yourself! 

To have the most covetable personality is a personifying charisma that beholds every single soul universally and one feature that unites every dreamer of self-beauty is the ‘hair’ factor. It takes a robust hair maintenance regimen to take care of hair in the healthiest manner as well as use the best hair products to doll up your hair.

However, in some countries, the genetic or the heritance also plays a key role and unfortunately, many natives of the extremely hot countries are affected by the soaring temperatures that are almost sky-high, the tendency to have properly long or thick hair is quite a whimsical fantasy. In this case, many people are almost bald which aggravates the way they look and hence, they feel quite deprived due to the lack of beautiful manes on their heads. Despite the heritance factor, most girls love to sport long hair universally, as it is gorgeous hair that plays a key role to highlight one’s personality and bring it into the limelight.

Thus, to own beautiful hair is the most ravishing attractiveness that rules everyone timelessly. Another catastrophic factor that stops you from sporting the longest mane of hair during these busy metropolitan era is that people scarcely find enough time to beautify their hair in a natural manner. This is exactly where the reign of artificially created hair styling products, such as hair extension boxes UK govern the realm of aesthetic beauty. The Hair Extension Boxes are usually crafted with an utmost touch of uniqueness, to store the artistically designed hair extensions carefully, in the most distinctly packed manner.

Hair extension boxes are primarily used to protect the artificially created hair extensions, in the most ingenious manner. Hair extensions are widely used these days as a prerequisite hair salon requirement and they need a great degree of caution during the packaging phase.

The charisma and fascination surrounding the most sought after tresses of the town are one of the most beguiled dreams, since unknown times. During the last quarter of the century, hair salon products and the glamorous world of cosmetic industries that manufacture them have aesthetically designed the very idea of possessing the fabulous hair extensions, packaged and parceled in the finest way possible.

To don a heavily maned look, we decided to save the big day and look like the most stunning bridesmaids. My half-sister is my bestie, as I told you, and there can be nothing more cheerful and exciting for me than to look like a vision on her big, fat wedding we were going to attend in Tuscany.

Lucky for you, if you are also looking for the gorgeous hair extensions, we have done the homework for you by going ahead and doing all the hard work for you and selected the five splurge-worthy hair extensions brands.

Let’s read this blog to benefit from my scooped list of the best hair extension places in 2019!

1. The Indique Hair Extensions

For years and years, Indique Hair Extensions has been one of the prime houses for women looking for quality hair extensions. With over seventeen groundbreaking locations scattered throughout the United States and a location in South Africa, Indique is hunted by many hair extension lovers, due to their extensive range of quality textures.

Purchasing Indique Hair would definitely cost you a dear price and if you are willing to spend a pretty penny on a 4oz bundle starting at around $140 or even higher, r depending on the collection and length of the hair extension. You can always consider this purchase as a cool investment since you will certainly be able to reuse the hair several times.

2.The Boho Exotic Studio

The hair extensions sold by the Boho Exotic Studio are some of the contemporary rages that have been quoted as the newly-fangled when it comes to brag pompously about the hair extension scenario. However, they have abruptly become the latest hair extension swags sported by almost every other girl who loves to sport the best hairdos!

With a variety of almost more than twenty different curly textures, this brand is the epitome of natural hair extensions. With so many options that represent a variety of curl patterns and ease of the manageability, Boho Exotic Studio carves a niche of its own, distinguishing its name for the astounding quality.

The attention to detail is replicated not only in the choices but also in their quality that boasts minimal shedding of the hair. The Boho Exotic Studio ranges in between $69-190 per 4 oz. bundle and it can definitely get pricier if you select longer extensions to provide oodles and oodles of length, like Rapunzel!

3.The True Indian Hair

True Indian Hair is one of the most tried hair extensions brands which has been there in the glamorous world for more than twelve years. Iconic celebrities like Rihanna, Serena Williams, Alicia Keys, and Niecy Nash are some of the most grandiose names that sport this brand quite favorably.

What makes this brand so astoundingly incredible? They select their extensions to ensure the finest quality and textures to baffle their clienteles and make them flock towards this awesome brand!

Whilst the extensions of hair bundles range from $120-$300 this will definitely create a hole in your pocket, it might cost quite expensively, yet it is beneficial enough to use it multiple times.

4.The Galaxy 5000

Galaxy 5000 is another innovative different new hair extensions brand offering quality hair to millions of women around the world. What increases the worth of this brand is the durability of the hair extensions that can last easily over two years if proper maintenance is assumed.

These hair extensions are usually resourced in southeastern countries like Cambodia and the Philippines, consenting them to offer a diversity of qualities to a wide range of clients, depending upon their ethnicity and taste. Their arduous quality controls a process contains a machine weft stitch practices that reduces molting.

5.The Heat Free Hair Extensions

The Heat Free Hair is one of the original brands that debuted to help women with natural hair find and select extensions that matched their curly gorgeous fro. With a selection of extensions, clip-ins, and wigs, Heat Free Hair offers highly regarded and quality hair.

This brand has perfected the technology that allows them to create hair that matches and blends perfectly with a variety of curl patterns and textures.

Hope you liked the blog and I’m sure, you will be soon cramming lots of gorgeous hair extension boxes in your vanity basket and swoon over them, isn’t it?

Hope you liked this blog on hair extension places and I’m sure you will try all of them one by one!